Joy Mustafi - Chief Scientist, Aviso
Joy Mustafi – Chief Scientist, Aviso

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Feb. 12, 2020: Aviso, the pioneer in AI-powered sales guidance and forecasting, today announced the appointment of veteran artificial intelligence and machine learning researcher Joy Mustafi as Chief Scientist. The former Principal Researcher for Salesforce’s Einstein platform will leverage his decades of experience to help Aviso customers accelerate deal-closing and expand revenue opportunities.

Ranked as one of India’s 10 top data scientists by Analytics India Magazine, Mustafi has led data science research at tech giants including Salesforce, Microsoft, and IBM, winning 50 patents and authoring over 25 publications on AI. He was associated with IBM for a decade as Data Scientist involved in a variety of business intelligence solutions, including IBM Watson. He worked as Principal Applied Scientist at Microsoft, responsible for AI research. Most recently, Mustafi was the Principal Researcher for Salesforce’s Einstein platform. Mustafi is also the Founder and President of MUST Research, a non-profit organization promoting excellence in the fields of data science, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics for the benefit of society.

“Aviso is using predictive AI analytics and data-driven insights to transform the traditional sales process, eliminating the need to rely on intuitive hunches and fragmentary or confusing data,” Mustafi said. “Aviso’s innovative approach to guided selling lets sales executives break free from the painful limitations of conventional CRMs, and I’m looking forward to using my data science skills to help enterprise clients join the #noCRM revolution.”

“At Aviso, we work constantly to hone and perfect our cutting-edge AI forecasting and guidance technology, in order to better serve the evolving needs of our diverse and rapidly growing customer base,” said Trevor Templar, Aviso’s CEO. “The appointment gives us the global talent and leadership we need to continue to grow, and to keep delivering the game-changing AI innovations that our customers have come to trust and rely upon.”

About Aviso:
Aviso is the AI compass that guides sales and go-to-market teams to close more deals, accelerate growth, and find their revenue True North. Aviso delivers true revenue intelligence, nudges team-wide actions, and gives precise guidance so sellers and teams don’t get lost in the fog of customer databases, scattered data lakes, and inherent human biases. Aviso AI has generated 164 billion insights, analyzed $120B in pipeline, and helped customers win $24B QTD. Fortune 500 and industry leaders such as Dell, Splunk, Honeywell, MongoDB, RingCentral, and FireEye use Aviso to drive more revenue, achieve goals faster, and win in bold, new frontiers.