21st April 2020: Delhi based startup Nature’s Tattva, gets $150,000 Singer Sukhbir Singh and Rakhee Singhal (Co-Founder, Startup Buddy). Others in this round include Mr. Dhianu Das of Alfa Ventures. Other angel investors include Mr. Bharat Sheth and Mr. Ajay Mahendru. 

Nature’s Tattva is India’s first Do-It-Yourself Beauty brand, which aims to revolutionize the way beauty products are consumed. Supported by combination of tech, content and high-quality products, Nature’s Tattva is entering the Fresh, Customized and Natural beauty space.

Megha Wadhwa, Co-founder of Nature’s Tattva says, “We are looking to solve three pressing problems in the beauty space, a. No product is 100% natural; b. Products are not fresh; c. Even if products are 100% natural, they have a small shelf life.”

Karnesh Mahendru, Co-founder of Nature’s Tattva says, “Currently in year one, we were looking to build a brand which stands for quality. We will now be launching some unique products which extend our commitment to Organic & Natural Beauty products. Our focus will be to use zero chemicals.”

Singer Sukhbir Singh says, “The beauty consumer space has always been a lucrative space and the growth anticipated is huge.”

Rakhee Singhal, from Startup Buddy says, “Natural & Organic Beauty segment is increasing at a CAGR of 10.2% for the last 3 years, this is a good space to be in.”

Bharat Sheth says, “It’s nice to see such a resilient team, specially in times of crisis. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

Dhianu Das says, “The consumer space, especially the chemical free beauty industry is going to be the future of conscious consumerism. This will be the new norm after the dust settles on the corona virus.”

Founded in October, 2018, Nature’s Tattva sells through marketplaces online and their own website. In the first full year of operations, Nature’s Tattva has clocked sales of INR 1.6Cr and looking to grow at 20% MoM in the second year of operations.

Nature’s Tattva would be using the funds to scale operations, acquire talent and brand building activities. Currently, Nature’s Tattva does not have any direct competition, but in the Organic & Natural beauty space, it competes with Indus Valley, Juicy Chemistry and Soul Tree.