Dec 23, 2019: Bangalore, Karnataka, India – Bausch + Lomb is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of eye care products and lenses in the world. A market leader in India, Bausch + Lomb also took the initiative to be the first in the industry to implement Bizom’s Retailer App to create more visibility around order fulfilment, to service customers better and to reduce delivery time.

Bausch & Lomb’s technological approach to improve customer service by connecting its warehouses and distributors to retail partners through Bizom’s Retailer App

Despite having a lion’s market share in both lenscare and contact lens segments, B&L realised that it needed to further improve its customer service. Primarily, to provide visibility and clarity of their delivery time to maintain its pole position in the lens and lenscare market. It was imperative to put in place a solution that would give them real-time visibility on orders so that they could, in turn, provide delivery schedules instantly to retailers.

B&L, like most consumer goods and FMCG enterprises in India, turned to predictive analytics and supply chain innovations. In India’s traditional trade-dominated retail market, enterprises and brands have to go through multiple layers of channel partners and sales reps to reach the retailers.

It’s no wonder that enterprises and brands adopt advanced tech to reach and service retailers directly. B&L turned to Bizom’s Retailer App to bring in the following efficiencies and capabilities in their supply chains:

  • 3-step order placing on the registered mobile phone anytime, from anywhere
  • Generating the delivery schedule within 5 minutes of placing order
  • Easy order cancellation
  • Realtime status of the order
  • Order history on finger-tips

By deploying Bizom’s Retailer App, B&L became the first organisation in the contact lens space to execute a connected supply chain. In a traditional supply chain, only one warehouse connects to its retail or channel partner. However, Bizom’s Retail connected all Bausch + Lomb warehouses and distributors to the brand’s retail partners. The activated connected supply chain allowed the retail partners to place their orders and track fulfilment 24×7, 365 days on their mobile phones. The app improved order accuracy and brought predictability and accountability into the supply chain systems.

“Our endeavor has always been to provide the best service levels to our consumers and partners alike, and a big part of improving our service was to create end-to-end transparency in the commercial process and product delivery. We approached Bizom, who helped us build this industry-first solution to create significantly improved customer experience. Using technology for better customer experiences brings purpose to what we do, and we will continue to offer these to customers in India to drive higher adoption for contact lenses,” commented Sanjay Bhutani, Managing Director of Bausch & Lomb, India.

Bausch & Lomb has deployed Bizom’s next-gen tech at 6,000+ stores in the first phase and continues to drive faster fulfilment rates. It has also achieved 100% order accuracy, 100% shipping accuracy and reduced its delivery time by half.

Lalit Bhise, CEO of Bizom, sums it up when he says, “With our cutting-edge technology solutions, we are continually looking to improve people’s lives. The ability to provide that comfort to customers by partnering with Bausch & Lomb has been an extremely satisfying experience. Our technological innovations will help to improve the quality for not only the end customers but also trade partners and our customers.”