New Delhi: Targeting the air ionizer filter market, Indian Indoor Air Quality company, Bonphul Air Products is introducing a new product line ElectroMax, a range of advanced electronic ionizer air filters. Air ionizing filtration is the latest trend in the purification market as it provides major benefits like maximum filtration of PM particles and microbes annihilation, with a much longer shelf life than most other mechanical air filters widely prevalent in the market.

Bonphul Launches Electromax Electronic Filter Range

ElectroMax filters are products of the 4th generation Graphene Plate Structure Micro-Electrostatic technology, built upon previous generations of electrostatic technologies like metal honeycomb structure purification, metal plate structure purification, and plastic microporous structure purification.

Commenting on the effectiveness of the product range, Bonphul COO, Mr Narendra Bisht says, “Today, air quality is the most prominent determinant for health and wellbeing, and to take care of that there are a number of air filtration solutions in the market. Why electronic filters have upper hand amongst other filters is because of its high efficiency and ease-to-use factor. With a high amount of pollution, most filters require frequent replacement raising the maintenance cost, and are non-disposable too. Such filters post-utility becomes ecological liabilities. The best part about ionizer filters is its longer shelf life and low maintenance cost. ElectroMax air ionizer filters are washable and requires no replacement for a very long time. It also poses zero-threat to the environment. ElectroMax filters are efficient in purification of PM 2.5 and sterilization of microbes as per HEPA filters. With its wide range, ElectroMax comes with the flexibility to be widely used in fan coil air purifying device inlet/outlet filter, in AHUs, TFAs, as floor-standing, wall mounted, and also as an independent air purifier.”

With this new launch, Bonphul Air Product’s branches out to its fourth category of IAQ service and solutions.

With the vision to be the world’s most comprehensive indoor air quality company, Bonphul has already introduced three ranges of IAQ products, prior to this. Its first product, OxyMax, an oxygen optimizer for buildings, is the first of its kind in India and only second in the world. This product enhances the level of indoor oxygen from whatever existing level to 21%, the ideal mix in the air. It has also entered air purification arena with its distinct air purifier range, Astria. Bonphul has also launched VentiMax, India’s first residential ventilation. With its impressive array of IAQ solutions, the company has been actively present at various leading tradeshows like Acrex, Ventcof, etc.