So, what are your plans this weekend? Thinking of escaping from the mundane and immersing yourself in some adventure? Then, enter into the escape room, where there is an exit only and only if you get into the character, work as a team and solve the mystery. Welcome to Breakout, a holistic movie-styled experience to play escape closed door adventure, wherein, you immerse yourself in the dream characters to embark on an exciting adventure filled fun and mystery.

Break in to Breakout!
The first escape closed door adventure facility, Breakout, was set up in Bangalore in the year 2015 with just two missions and a limited budget. This concept was a huge success and was eventually started in a couple of more cities with enhanced user experience. Now, in its fourth year, this gaming facility has around 1 million gaming minutes with an average customer experience of 4.7/5.0 based on 900+ reviews. Around 52 nationalities have participated in this gaming and it is currently on the top slot on TripAdvisor. The feature that attracts crowds towards Breakout is its unique concept, which fosters quick thinking and immediate response. It has been a roaring success among the corporate employees with the team learning the importance of teamwork, communication, listening and managing stress under timeline. This fun-based team building exercise is economical too and hence has managed to pull in crowds at all its franchises.

Break in to Breakout

Get a Break with Breakout!
Started by Mr. Hareesh, who has over a decade long experience in various fields including accounts, audit, business advisory, consulting and financial analysis; this was first conceptualized by him when he first played his escape closed door adventure in Poland. This concept hooked on to him and he started exploring its various possibilities in India. He faced a number of challenges since there was a need to build awareness and conceptualization before it could be brought to reality. Currently on the outlook for strategic investors, he plans to build a franchise network around the country with an aim to have 10 new centers in the next 12 months. Immensely liked by kids above five years of age for its adventurous concept, this escape closed door adventure is a hit for premium birthday parties. Breakout also provides the perfect environment to conduct experimental learning and soft skill enhancement for the corporate employees. This startup is providing next generation of experiences to every individual. These are the kind of experiences that makes a journey meaningful and fulfilling, which teach each one to strive harder to reach the goal. After all, there is nothing Breakout, which not only provides wholesome entertainment and adventure, but also teaches some important lessons of life.

Breakout Birthdays Are Out-and-Out Fun Days
Breakout is the one-and-only escape closed door adventure company, which is hosting premium birthday parties for the age group 5 onwards. The kids can have real good fun while they travel through adventurous journeys in mystical forests for finding treasure. Parents have finally embraced these activities for their children as they feel utmost pleasure seeing their children super excited and having a kind of novel experience.

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Breakout for the Corporate Corridors
Breakout has highly unique and well designed escape closed door adventures, which successfully drive learning to thousands and thousands of corporate professionals. Most of them find the experience as totally fulfilling, novel and phenomenally transformative.

With stressors mounting with each passing day; the daily life of most people is turning more and more stressful; finding an escape once in a while rejuvenates you from within, making you re-charged for taking up the life challenges again with full vigor and zeal; and BREAKOUT is this way to find this escape route into the gaming world and get some chill-thrill.