BrightCHAMPS tops GSV’s 150 List of Transformational Edtech Companies

For the second consecutive year, BrightCHAMPS, a leading live-learning platform that imparts essential life skills such as coding, financial literacy, communications, and robotics to children aged 6 to 16, has been included in GSV Venture’s prestigious 150 List of the World’s Most Disruptive Digital Learning Companies.

BrightCHAMPS was chosen from over 4,000 venture capital and private equity-backed private companies from the world over.

Ravi Bhushan, Founder & CEO, BrightCHAMPS
Ravi Bhushan, Founder & CEO, BrightCHAMPS

Speaking of the announcement, BrightCHAMPS Founder and CEO, Ravi Bhushan, said, “We’re immensely proud to have made the GSV’s coveted 150 List again. Being recognised on a global platform such as this tells us that the world we envision – where each child, everywhere, is empowered with the life skills that can transform their future – is close to becoming a reality. We are determined to level the playing field for each child through crucial skills such as tech, coding, communications, financial know-how, robotics, AI, and STEM learning and thinking, and we’re delighted to have GSV Ventures’ support in this journey.”  

BrightCHAMPS, a global live-learning platform, has been recognized as one of the world’s most transformational companies in digital learning by GSV Ventures, for the second consecutive year. This recognition comes after BrightCHAMPS has received multiple accolades recently, including the Business World EduTech Startup of The Year and Edtech CEO of The Year Awards, and being named the top company on KPMG-HSBC’s Emerging Giants of Asia Pacific list.

“We are excited to release the annual GSV 150, a selection of the leading private companies in digital learning and workforce skilling,” said Alexandra Argo, investor at GSV Ventures. “As we enter into what we call a ‘Brave New World,’ it is clear that you can’t use an old map to navigate a new world. This impressive group of companies continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of learners and businesses at scale. After evaluating over 4,000 companies globally, we are proud to present the list of the 150 most impactful companies in digital learning that are leading the charge in providing ALL people equal access to the future.”

BrightCHAMPS, an edtech company based in Goa, has been recognized as one of the world’s most transformative companies in the field of digital learning. The company was chosen from a pool of over 4,000 venture-backed private companies globally. BrightCHAMPS offers a unique approach to education, with four verticals – CodeCHAMPS, RoboCHAMPS, FinCHAMPS, and LingoCHAMPS – that aim to make learning more accessible, inclusive, and democratic for children worldwide. Using customized curriculums, AI-enabled adaptive learning solutions, AR/VR/XR technologies, and metaverse-based competitions, the company is working towards their mission to provide education for every child regardless of their background.

BrightCHAMPS, a global live-learning platform that focuses on teaching next-gen life skills such as coding, financial literacy, communications, and robotics to children aged 6 to 16, has established an independent Curriculum Advisory Board to further its mission of creating a global curriculum that would meet the highest regulatory standards and one that is customizable to students’ unique learning needs. The Board is composed of industry leaders such as Gurcharan Das, Jack Buckley, Rajen Sheth, Sreejit Chakrabarty, Julie Mercer and Deborah Quazzo, and aims to address the lack of oversight in content delivery and other practices in the edtech sector.

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