Bangalore, Jun 12, 2019: In a development that will offer next-level convenience to travellers making international travel plans, Cleartrip, the leading travel technology platform of emerging markets, has announced the launch of an innovative 2-dimensional (2-d) filter on its mobile application.

Travellers usually have a wide array of preferences like specific transit airport, a favourite airline, while seeking international flights. Two crucial factors that dominate their travel decisions are the flight duration and the ticket price. Since these two factors don’t always change linearly, the quest for the flight with the best balance of price vs. duration often entails a lot of back and forth.

Cleartrip’s 2-d filter is designed to enable international travellers to tackle the challenge and make a quick yet informed booking decision. Perched on top of the search results page, the 2-d filter serves as a perfect planning tool offering an overall picture of the trade-off between flight duration and fare, based on travellers’ specific preferences.

Since its launch in March, the feature has seen an adoption rate of over 20%. Users who adopted the feature showed a conversion rate twice that of users who didn’t.

Once the respective travel points are entered, the 2-d filter immediately analyses the available flight options and presents carefully-curated flight buckets based on duration. The fare displayed alongside is the cheapest for the segmented duration.

Cleartrip Time vs Money filter - Screenshot

Commenting on the launch, Subramanya Sharma, Chief Product Officer, Cleartrip,said, “Long-haul travellers have typically had to navigate through several options to find the best flight. The 2-d filter is the perfect tool to help travellers find the sweet-spot for their time vs. money dilemma. We are delighted with the reception and results that this feature has delivered so far, and expect it to become an integral part of the travel booking process on the Cleartrip platform in the near future.”

With the latest development, Cleartrip has further underlined its customer-centric approach and reiterated its promise of delivering superlative end-user experience through pioneering technology-pivoted solutions to travellers across the world.