Clinikally Introduces Same-Day Delivery with Zippee Partnership

Clinikally partners with Zippee to offer Same-Day Delivery
  • Clinikally’s latest integration of same-day delivery has significantly boosted customer satisfaction by ensuring reliable and expedited service.

June 2024: Clinikally, India’s rapidly expanding e-pharmacy for skin and hair care, has made a strategic move by introducing same-day delivery through a partnership with Zippee. This initiative addresses order fulfillment challenges across NCR, Haryana, Punjab, and other regions, solidifying Clinikally’s position as a premier dermatologist and wellness platform.

The introduction of same-day delivery is a crucial pivot for Clinikally, given that 20% of its online sales involve prescription-grade medications. This requires an efficient process from order placement and prescription verification to final delivery. Previously, traditional courier services faced difficulties in meeting the demand for faster deliveries due to limited warehouse operations, resulting in delayed or failed delivery attempts and a high return-to-origin (RTO) rate of 27%.

These challenges impacted operational efficiency, increased logistics costs, and reduced customer satisfaction, particularly in a market where timely delivery is essential for customer retention and the effective use of medications. The collaboration with Zippee aims to resolve these issues, enhancing delivery times and maintaining high customer satisfaction, especially in Clinikally’s largest user base, Delhi NCR.

Arjun Soin, Founder of Clinikally, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “In the quick commerce era, delivery speed has become more critical than ever. We are excited to partner with Zippee, as they have seamlessly integrated our unique platform and customer service model into their rapid delivery system. This partnership has already led to a substantial increase in customer satisfaction, and we look forward to expanding it further.”

As part of this strategic alliance, customers in Zippee-serviced areas can now receive their orders within 3-4 hours, significantly reducing waiting times, especially for urgent prescription-grade medications. This rapid delivery service has led to a 56% increase in repeat purchase rates on the Clinikally website for orders fulfilled by Zippee.

During the initial phase, over 8% of orders are expected to be fulfilled through same-day delivery. Clinikally has already seen an 81% reduction in RTO rates for all pin codes and SKUs serviced by Zippee, leading to lower logistics costs and streamlined inventory management. Additionally, Clinikally has achieved a 92% COD-order fulfillment rate and a reduction in delivery complaints for Zippee-delivered orders.

As this partnership continues to strengthen, Clinikally is set to generate more excitement and positive feedback from its users. This differentiation enhances Clinikally’s reputation and customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, solidifying its position as a leader in quick turnaround times in the skin and hair e-commerce space.