Beyond claiming the lives of many, the Covid-19 pandemic has made a huge dent in the Global Economy and brought desolation for many businesses and personal finances. Affected by the lockdown, many people are going through a financial turbulence regardless of their social or economic status. Finding themselves amidst the slowdown, many are trying to sustain their savings for as long as possible by re-visiting their financial management plans while also seeking expert guidance to stay afloat financially.  

Here are five companies that have gone an extra mile to support their stakeholders during the uncertain times brought by the pandemic.

A unique goal-based, set-and-forget investment platform, Goalwise is leveraging data-driven algorithms to offer suitable mutual fund investment plans to its customers. As a fully managed goal-based investing platform, Goalwise is facilitating mutual fund selection, risk profile analysis, yearly review and rebalancing of funds. It is helping millennials with their future investment plans by tailoring them to their specific requirements, without having to do tedious research. Additionally, it is also helping users with personal financial planning.

Brookfield Properties
Brookfield Properties conducted a special webinar on financial health with Ms. Monika Halan (best-selling author of “Let’s Talk Money” & Consulting Editor, Mint Money) that focused on effective financial management during the lockdown and turbulence phase. As a part of Brookfield Properties’ month long campaign – ‘Positive Pulse, A Wellness Initiative’ the webinar saw participation from its occupiers, stakeholders and employees across its Commercial Real Estate portfolios including Candor TechSpace in Gurgaon, Noida and Kolkata; as well as for Powai Business District and Equinox Business Park in Mumbai.

Burgeon Law
India’s leading boutique law firm Burgeon Law is on a mission to guide the distressed stakeholders of the startup investment ecosystem. It is proactively guiding promoters and entrepreneurs on the legalities of managing the uncertainty and extension of the runway in order to tackle various issues rising up with the lock-down and its impact on the industry.

Groww is a new age investment platform that has been able to create a user base of 5 million for itself since its launch and maintain an impressive growth trajectory. This platform focuses on simplicity and transparency as its key USPs. The app has been designed to be like a buddy who understands millennials, powered by intelligent UI and UX. Today, 60 percent of Groww’s user base is spread across the country, predominantly in tier 2 and 3 cities, and that percentage is only growing. To further catalyze growth, Groww will be launching investments in stocks. 

Capital Quotient
Capital Quotient is an advisory startup that lets you make smarter investment choices. Its core proposition is advisory, and what sets it apart is that it charges clients for it. Relying heavily on machine learning algorithms, the startup claims it offers advisory on different asset classes on the platform, including mutual funds and stocks. Capital Quotient released its personalized advisory in December 2017. Its ‘Siply’ application enables employees of small enterprises to create a savings fund with a little monthly contribution and get a contribution from their employers as well. It targets those falling under the less-than-10,000 salary bracket.