Crowdfunding startup Impact Guru has initiated #PledgeABowl campaign to raise funds to provide animal welfare NGOs with bowls to store drinking water for street animals and birds to help them cope with the summer heat.

Volunteers have performed a skit at Girgaum Chowpatty on 6th May 2017, in order to spread awareness to help stray animals and birds stay hydrated in the summer heat. Save a stray with #PledgeABowl

Crowdfunding Startup Impact Guru Initiates Pledgeabowl Campaign to Raise Funds to Provide Animal Welfare NGOs With Bowls to Store Drinking Water for Street Animals and Birds

Summer is upon us and while we find our own ways to beat the heat, our furry and feathered stray friends do not have any relief during this season. These stray animals are strongly affected by the extreme temperatures. With no water to quench their thirst they are often left dehydrated and its aggravation tends to be fatal for these innocent animals.

As a solution to this problem, animal welfare NGOs are participating in the #PledgeABowl initiative wherein through donations they will arrange for clean drinking water in bowls at designated spots across the city. With easy access to drinking water, strays will not be susceptible to sun-strokes and dehydration due to the heat. The arrangement will also greatly aid our feathered friends who have to bear the brunt of the rising global temperatures.

So, this summer #PledgeABowl by donating to animal welfare NGOs and causes that will place water bowls at different locations in the city and help stray animals and birds tackle the scorching summer heat. Impact Guru has coined this initiative towards the welfare of birds and stray animals.