New Delhi, Delhi, India | 4th June 2020: Dalmia Healthcare, the healthcare division of Dalmia Group led by renowned industrialist Sanjay Dalmia, starts clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of polyherbal combination “Astha-15” for treatment of COVID-19. The  Dalmia Centre for Research and Development (DCRD), R&D entity of Dalmia Group after years of extensive research, manufactured a polyherbal combination of 15 herbs called Astha-15, also mentioned in the Indian System of Medicine. Set regulatory guidelines of Informed Consent Declaration, Insurance Terms and EC approvals will be followed to conduct the Multi-centric, Phase III clinical trials. This phase III clinical trial has been registered on CTRI with reg. no. CTRI/2020/06/025590.

Mr. Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman, Dalmia Group of Companies

The study comes in the back of the Ministry of AYUSH last month recommending the use of herbal products like tea, spices, to overcome the pandemic. The polyherbal  combination “Astha-15“, made available by the Group on March 16, has previously undergone a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled study on patients, in speciality Govt. Hospital, Chennai, India. As per the double-blind study, the drug acts as a bronchodilator, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, lung detoxifier and didn’t show any side-effects. Now this polyherbal combination “Astha-15” will undergo a phase III clinical trial with the most primary COVID-19 sites across India under the supervision of highly skilled physicians.

We are conducting Human trials of our highly efficient Ayurvedic composition which can potentially help in curing COVID-19 patients. Successful human trials of our medicine will not only curtail the impact of the contagious virus all across the world but will also establish supremacy of Ayurveda, our ancient system of medicine over any other methods of healthcare, ” said Mr. Sanjay Dalmia, Chairman, Dalmia Group of Companies

About Dalmia Health Care

Dalmia Healthcare Limited (DHL), a Dalmia Group Company, has made foray into the healthcare business in the year 2000 and offers plant-based formulations (Ayurvedic/herbal) prepared through scientific validation followed by clinical trials undertaken by its research centre, Dalmia Centre for Research and Development (DCRD).

The essence of pre-marketing efforts focuses on clinical trials compared and measured with those for various Allopathic drugs indicated for similar conditions. Extensive toxicological studies are conducted while formulating DHL products in order to ensure that our products are safe and devoid of adverse side-effects. All products of Dalmia Healthcare are manufactured and evaluated in accordance with the standards of modern medical parameters.