Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | 11th February 2020: “Messages from Messengers”  book launch by Priti K Shroff, saw a very interesting mix of audience, from financiers to bankers to corporates & homemakers at the prestigious Bombay Stock Exchange. It was not just a plain book launch event but also had an interesting panel discussion on demystifying realms, a topic that fuels our curiosity. MD and CEO of the Bombay stock exchange, Mr. Ashish Chauhan was the chief guest with Panelists Kiren Shrivastav (Founder Fempowerment, Chairperson CFBP Consumer Film Festival and CEO of Molecule Communications), Mickey Mehta (Global holistic health guru and Health wizard), Sohrab Ardeshir (Actor and Spiritualist practicing mediumship for 20 years) and Sanober Pardiwalla (Stunt woman and medium). The panel was moderated by Parmita Shroff a yoga teacher, sound healer and vegan chef, and the event was ably supported by Mr. Kamlesh Shroff Chairman WIRC, Association of National Exchanges Members of India.

Everything from decoding dreams to understanding mediums or channels through which, one can gain messages to the concept of building a relation with one’s intuition, was discussed. Other interesting concepts such as the conscious & sub-conscious mind, application of mindfulness, god consciousness etc. were explored. The event took on an interesting flow when Priti did a card reading session for the panelists using the deck, created to accompany the book. These unique hand designed cards were created keeping in mind the Indian culture and traditions. It is suitable for everyone at all stages of life as a tool for self-guidance.

Ashish Chauhan – MD CEO Bombay Stock Exchange had an interesting take on Spirituality. He explained desires are linked with the mind and a control on desires would limit your wants. It is also important to recognize that “Physicality is also a reality” as we are not Buddha’s.

Shri Gaur Gopal Das Prabhu also conveyed his best wishes through a video message.

Kiren Shrivastav said,“Today’s life is characterized by chaos wherein it can be very difficult for one to connect with the inner-self and the consciousness. The way we need a lawyer and/or a doctor, we need mediums and spiritualists who can help us deal with different situations via their skills to transmit information from the non-physical dimensions of existence. This book can play that role.

Summarising years of experience, Priti Shroff who is not only author of the bookbut also sphereheads the Wellness Centre; PRISIM said,“When I dive deep within my soul, I have all the answers and all problems dissolve.