We often feel that people who are designers are in the expensive line of clothing. In India, there is a common notion that designer dresses are exorbitantly priced and they are not for the middle class or common people. 

This notion has been long stranded in the apparel world but it has been broken by the company called Jerphy.com. 

Mr Rakesh Das – Founder Jerphy.com

This ecommerce portal has a single agenda of amalgamating all the fashion designers under one roof. In this advent, Jerphy.com has an initiative of bringing designer dresses to the masses. 

It has been seen that the scarcity in fashion designers’ jobs and prices of brands has caused a surge in the price. This is because designers supply to brands and brands add their logos to sale in  thousands. let’s make the same fabric cheaper.

Why Designer Clothing Are Supposedly Expensive 

There are various factors which contribute to the high costs of the designer wear in India. But we have analysed those costing structure and lead to the streamlined costing by creating a streamlined platform.

Few factors which contribute to the high costing structure of the apparels are as follows: 

Logistics: The global apparel production facilities have become polarized geographically. The apparel needs for the whole world is now being managed by production facilities in a handful of countries. With the brands being MNCs they add these logistics costs across regions to earn a profit. The logistics that are involved are usually high and its costs increasingly would get higher.

 The value that the brand command: Irrespective of the brand, the clothes usually get produced in sweatshops in India, Bangladesh, which are low-cost apparel production centres. So here the brand-tag that they sew in the cloth carries more value than the cloth material itself. Along with the inherent value of the brand, the marketing that goes into the brand also gets added up in the MRP we pay.

Keeping all these potential factors in mind and thus contacting the designers and also checking the quality of the fabric used, we have tried reduced the pricing of the designer wear in the considerable sense and it would be a lavish treat for the middle-class customers. The customers are buying the stuff they are eyeing. 

So, at Jerphy.com we have considered the fact that the brand value and quality of the cloth don’t fade away.

Regarding the founder, Mr Rakesh Das Founder and Director jerphy.com. Jerphy is a  

marketplace portal for fashion, graphics and textile designers. All products are designer wear and you can customize each product.

The main issue in the designer world is the scarcity of jobs and the high cost of the fabrics.