India | 6th May 2020: Many vehicles may refuse to start or move when kept immobile for a long time. Why? Dead battery, fuel pump leak, ignition issue, flat tires, etc. Since most vehicles in India have been parked in garages for over 40 days due to the extended nation-wide lockdown, maintaining them has become a challenging task for owners. In a bid to address this issue, Droom, India’s largest and pioneering online automobile transactional marketplace, has launched a unique service Jumpstart – Autocare at your doorstep for customers across India. This service includes jump start of a vehicle along with tire maintenance, inspection of critical functions and oil and lube top-up.

Besides the main Jump Start device packages user can avail many more add-on services including towing, gas fill, flat tire repair, pressure water cleaning and full top-up of oil, lubricant, coolant etc.

Users can select vehicle, location, main service and any add-on services they require in the process. They can choose a time slot as per their convenience and confirm the payment or choose to pay later. Droom then assigns an ‘eco-ninja’ or technician to perform the job, who also issues an ECO jump start report to the respective customer once the servicing process is completed. A customer can also ask the technician to perform any of the additional services by adding them to their existing package on the spot.

The service is available in three different packages: silvergold and platinum. The silver package comprises services such as engine oil replacement, filter change, brake oil top-up, and radiant coolant refill, among others. The gold variant offers full body wash in addition to the services included in silver. Furthermore, the Platinum package includes all the aforementioned services along with Droom’s special Germ Shield service.

Commenting on the launch, Sandeep Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Droom said, “In the wake of an extended lockdown, anywhere between 5 to 25 million vehicles in India might not start or move. Eco has come long way from offering any vehicle’s inspection anywhere since 2016 to complete vehicle certification, large automobile fleet health and safety to recent launch of Germ Shield, an antimicrobial treatment for automobiles and facilities. We leverage IOT, AI, cloud infrastructure, mapping technologies for field operations to fully mobile technology driven work flow management for standard service delivery. To serve our customers better, we launched Germ Shield in March and will continues to launch more such unique services in the times to come.”

Jumpstart costing would be as follows:

·         Scooter/Bike – INR 499

·         Superbike – INR 699

·         Hatchback – INR 999

·         Sedan – INR 1299

·         SUV – INR 1599

To Book Jumstart Service please visit or Book at Droom App.

Starting at INR 499, Jumpstart is a doorstep service designed for both, two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Fleet companies, RWAs, hospitals, logistics providers, private and public bus owners, hotels that offer commute, garages, dealerships, all can avail this service. Currently, Droom has thousands of eco technicians who provide this service in most of the top cities across India.