Mumbai, 15th January 2020: Earth Essence, a “100% Pure and Natural” personal care brand recently announced its launch and has introduced its very first line of products, the Jelly Line. In a world of not so affordable “natural and organic” personal care products, Earth Essence, with a quite novel concept, reminds us to ‘Save Your Natural Beauty’ with the rusticity and abundance of nature. What started as a continuous series of revolutionizing experiences in 2016 has now culminated into a brand that is free from harmful and synthetic chemicals and has no added colour or fragrance.

The jelly line of products includes two body wash, two face wash, two shampoos and one conditioner.

  1. I Am Sporty: Basil and Mint Body Wash
  2. I Am Spunky: Coffee and Vanilla Body Wash
  3. I Am Glow: Orange and Cranberry Face Wash
  4. I Am Purity: Tea Tree and Thyme Face Wash
  5. I Am Smooth: Malt and Shea Butter Shampoo
  6. I Am Strength: Fenugreek and Aloe Vera Shampoo
  7. I Am Silk: Sunflower and Jojoba Oil Conditioner

The jelly line of products is pure bliss with thick consistency and has a soothing and calming sensation on the skin.

Commenting on the same, Ashish Kampani, Founder, Earth Essence, adds, “Our body stays the longest with us. This gives all the more reasons why we should take most care and practice precautions when it comes to our body. Earth Essence aims at bridging the gap between superficially natural and actually natural. The products have been manufactured with ingredients picked up straight from the nature’s bounty and the purpose is simple – to ‘Save Your Natural Beauty’.”

Earth Essence is crafted around innovative USPs such as free from cruelty, hypoallergenic, free from paraben and sulphate, pH balanced, GMO free and completely biodegradable. Available on Amazon and Flipkart, this 100% pure and natural brand, after three years of extensive research, development and innovation, has embarked upon its journey to revolutionize the arena of personal care regime with the magic and generosity of nature.