GURGAON, India | 23rd March 2022: OnDemand Immigration, a group company of ODINT Consulting, a leading Indo-European Market Entry and immigration company with six global offices, offer very low cost and reliable immigration solutions to Indian entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to immigrate within 50-60 days.

Mr.Saif Nawaz, Managing Partner of OnDemand, said, “Canada express entry and Australian skilled immigration have long been popular choices for Indians for a long time now. But the process can be very cumbersome and long due to High competition and tough English language requirements to score high in In IELTS tests.This can be extremely frustrating experience for people who are looking for faster solutions. We, at OnDemand Immigration, offer bespoke immigration solutions to entrepreneur and small business owners who are willing to start their own company abroad and want to live and work there freely can do so within 50 working days.”

He further added, “Depending on an individual’s profile and eligibility criteria, we can offer a wide variety of options. The most popular programs have been Poland international company board member visa through company formation, Singapore Employment Pass-through self-owned company, and France Passport Talent Business creator permit. Other popular options include Dubai, Finland, and Norway which also have great startup programs for entrepreneurs. The best part about these immigration options is that they don’t require any language test or high-qualification education and very small nominal investments.”

“The process can be super fast and quite straightforward. Entrepreneurs who are looking to immigrate with their families and want to be self-employed are opting for these options. Processes on average take less than 50 working days for all these countries in Europe. We have a great  90% plus success rate based on more than 1500 applications. Every day we receive more than 120+ inquiries from all over India. It’s a good problem to have, we are working round the clock to keep up with the high demand.”

Finally, this is great news for Indian entrepreneurs and small business owners who have dreams of immigrating with their families. While Canada and Australia process take 12-18 months whereas business immigration to countries like Poland is possible within working 50 days.

You can now check your Eligibility for Poland business immigration.