New Delhi, August 16, 2019: eBikeGo, India’s first-ever online electric scooter rental platform has launched its first ever unique services in Andaman and Nicobar yesterday. On the occasion of Independence Day ceremony, Lt. Governor Admiral Devendra Kumar Joshi flagged off the high speed electric scooters eBikeGo Ampere Zeal in presence of other dignitaries and prominent personalities. Ampere Zeal has a top-speed at 55 km/h and takes 5.5 hours to charge. With the introduction of eco-friendly means of transportation the quality of air will improve and help the island to get pollution free.

During his speech, Dr. Irfan Khan, Founder of eBike said, “We are extremely proud and excited to launch eBikeGo services in Andaman and Nicobar with high speed electric scooters Ampere Zeal. Our major aim is to expand our operations pan India which makes India to adopt an eco-friendly means of transportation and also makes travel cheaper and efficient for the fast paced lives of modern Indians. eBikeGo’s prime moto is to provide eco-friendly and highly cost effective services through electronic bikes which will help to reduce pollution in the city. ”

According to a report, it can be concluded that the net increase over the existing background levels of air pollutants could be due to increase in vehicular traffic. The industrial activities are scattered in these island. Most of the industries are located in south Andaman especially near Port Blair. Andaman and Nicobar Islands is one of the major tourist attraction. Lakhs of tourist visit Andaman and Nicobar due to which pollution is increasing and destroying the natural beauty of the island. The provision of using more and more electric bikes will reduce the pollution substantially and help to retain the environment too.