Ed-tech Board Infinity Introduces Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Programs

New Delhi | 14th July 2020: The Coronavirus outbreak has seen a major shift from offline learning to online learning model. As every educational institution has been closed down for over 5 months in almost every country, online education programs have turned out to be the primary mode for learning. With this “new normal” norm of online education, India based, ed-tech company, Board Infinity, has taken an initiative to launch a new program – ‘Machine Learning (ML)’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’ for skilling early career professionals and college students. The duration of this program is 6 months, which contains self-paced online videos and live virtual classes. The course provides a perfect mix of theory, case studies, and extensive hands-on assignments to turn a beginner into a pro by the end and make them deployable as a machine learning engineer.

The program is perfect for students and working professionals who want to build a career path in this highly sought-after domain. During the 150+ hours of learning, the learners’ get an opportunity of one-on-one mentorship from industry experts working in companies such as Flipkart, Accenture, Jio Samsung India, eClerx, Cerner Corporation, State Street, etc., which helps building practical knowledge of preparing for and cracking ML & AI job interview process, receive complete career coaching and certifications. This program will help those who wish to build their career as a Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, and NLP Engineer.

The program ensures opportunities to interview with start-ups, growing mid-large and large organizations for internships and full time job opportunities.

Talking about introducing the new course, Sumesh Nair, Co-Founder of Board Infinity says, “Learning is something which should never stop. A pandemic gives us an opportunity to reflect and add more skills and continue our learning process. Our data analytics program is a huge hit among early career professionals, ML and AI is a natural extension to this vertical.”

“Learners from previous data analytics batches have asked for additional training in this domain and we decided on launching a full-fledged program. Also, around 120 of our analytics recruiters’ are looking at on-boarding machine learning and AI talent in a sustainable way, and have been in discussions with us to help them out for the same. Earlier we had introduced a smaller version of the program where we saw more than 4000+ customers signing up over 7 days. The goal of this online machine learning and artificial intelligence certification course is to ensure that the learners’ are well equipped with foundations of math, python and tensor flow. We will be covering supervised, unsupervised learning, deep learning, computer vision and neural networks. Learners will develop a deep understanding to work with text, image and video data as well. After they cover the ML and AI side of the programs and write exams, the learners will be given career coaching, comprehensive training for ML & AI job interviews, and placement assistance until they are placed. This program is best suited for people with good understanding in mathematics and programming languages. You could also take up the program as an add-on to the data analytics program after you gain basic skill sets of data science”, adds Sumesh.

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