New Delhi, Delhi, India | 1st February 2020: EO Gurgaon organized a session with Dr. A. Velumani: An Indian scientist and entrepreneur. He is the founder, chairman and managing director of Thyrocare Technologies Ltd. a chain of diagnostic and preventive care laboratories headquartered in Navi Mumbai. Dr. A. Velumani started the event by sharing his personal experience about how he decided to set up his thyroid testing laboratory, Thyrocare, in 1996. He shared his experiences and learning along his journey and methods which were different from the world and that made him successful. He shared how he turned every hardship faced in his Entrepreneurial journey into an opportunity to rise. With his journey, he motivated all the EO members and their spouses to work hard, be consistent, take risks and never settle in the comfort zone. Overall, it was an interactive session where Young Entrepreneurs learned about the power of Focus, Frugality, and Risk by Dr. A Velumani.

Spokesperson Quote

In the words of EO Gurgaon’s President, Mr. Anirudh Khaitan, “Event was absolutely engaging and entertaining. Lots to learn on how frugality is needed in business. One quote in specific was, ‘If you know cost of goods sold you can make money, but if you know COGS of cost of goods sold, you can make tons of money’.”

EO Gurgaon’s learning Co-chair Mr. Vipul Jain shared his views and said, “I Loved the event, the speaker and his story was the major highlight. The GSEA (Global Student Entrepreneur award) winners were eye openers and brought on the forefront how startups can disrupt the future. In all, it was an inspiring moment to listen and learn from Dr. Velumani. His life lessons and clarity of thought was awe inspiring and the lessons we learned are universal principles that can be applied to any business or personal situation any time in life.

EO Gurgaon’s newest member Mr. Shyam Aggarwal said, “Excellent session, very practical and very well presented to the audience, with a lot of one to one connect. It was like a learning session packed with entertainment and such powerful punchlines and life lessons, one of them that I recall is ‘Agar karna aur badna hai to marna padega’.”

The event also saw the participation by young student entrepreneurs who participated and presented their ideas in the 1st ever edition of the Global Student Entrepreneur awards (GSEA) hosted by EO Gurgaon along with World Youth Council. The winners of Gurgaon edition of the GSEA will go on to participate at South Asia Competition to be held in Coimbatore in 1st Week February and the winner of which will represent south asia in the global awards to be held at Cape Town in April 2020.