Hyderabad | 12th March 2020: Disruption has been the buzz word we have been hearing in the industry circle for some time. But, Corona Virus is a different disruption. The Coronavirus threat has been disrupting the workplace. How IT World is addressing Corona Virus threat and their employee’s concerns?

Tetrasoft is a global digital services organization and is a city-based IT company that goes one step further.

I was at Mumbai airport travelling to Hyderabad and that is when I first heard about alleged case detected at Raheja Mind Space. I heard that there was pandemonium everywhere in the city. How do you comfort your employees? They are not only our employees, but they are extended family members. On my arrival, I first went to Raheja Mindspace, ascertained full information. Then I came to know that few employees out of the 800 staff working at Tetrasoft were agitating to know about the news of new-found case at Raheja Mindspace. Tetrasoft is bang opposite to Raheja Mindspace. So there were lot of concerns.  Soon after learning this, I went around all five floors in our office. Comforted employees told them not to get panic”, says Rama Seshu Eyunni, CEO of the company.  

“We have set up a medical help with expert nursing care within our office premises with adequate medical devices such as thermal screening in case of any complaints, first aid facility and medical help at a call.” Said Dr Megan Pinnamaneni, Chief Strategy Officer at Tetrasoft. A fully experienced nursing care from Call Health and an expert in handling emergencies is also stationed in our office.  

Many were worried. They had their own apprehensions. I assured them full help from the organization in terms of treatment in case of any virus spread among the employees” explained, Rama Seshu.

Employee morale was boosted within a few days and every employee arrives at work normally. The business has been operating normal and as usual at Tetrasoft, he explained.  

“Our culture is our greatest asset,” says, Rama Seshu and asks employees to follow the culture. Here I must tell you that there is a lot of misinformation being spread about the virus in the city. In today’s hyper-connected world, fake, false and unreliable news, unsubstantiated information, hearsay, travel faster than any pathogen. Employees were getting disturbed when they read false news shared by friends. We even assured full medical support at the cost of the company. And we pressed in services of some experts to dispel myths, clarified their doubts. We have organised an awareness drive. 

Today, its employees, holding placards in their office whocreated awareness among their colleagues and other office workers. They have also created awareness in the surrounding areas where their office is located at Madhapur.

“Just one Corona Virus case detected in Hyderabad two weeks back has created a lot of pandemonium. People started rushing for face masks. If that one case created so much mad rush for masks, what about road accident victims. Every day hundreds are dying in road accidents, still, people are not wearing helmets? They questioned.  

Another placard says, Masks are for the patients and who are attending them like doctors, nurses and family members. A healthy man/woman wearing a face mask is useless  than the sick using it. 

One more placard says “If every healthy person wears a mask, except the sick persons? the sick person’s infections droplets get everywhere in the air. That is more dangerous”.

“There are many people who need to wear masks to protect themselves because they are in very close contact with sick people all day long–a doctor, nurse or people in a clinic or hospital or someone taking care of a sick person at home” says other.  

“So Do not waste masks. Be a superhero, by giving it to a sick person instead. You will save a lot of people that way”, conveys another placard

If you want to fight against Corona, if you want to do something, ‘Swachh Bharat Corona(Karona) informs the another placard. 

Then, Tetrasoft decided to update infrastructure by setting up a medical centre within the office premises, where employees can freely walk and get their questions and apprehensions answered, medically validated/checked and suitably informed. Mrs Pallavi Budiga, Nurse Practitioner from Call Health who is placed in the office informs—

We have also thrown open option of virtual work. We even installed TVs at key locations in the office to spread awareness in dealing with the virus. We have offered new tools to share reliable information and counter the myths, shared Srinivas, one of the senior leaders at Tetrasoft.

Corona Virus is a threat to all of us. Together we can and we will arrest. Don’t get panic. Develop awareness. Share and care for the people. Let us together beat Carona!