KOLKATA, India | 23rd February 2021: The cradle of the east was once the center for responsible enterprising for the world, and with no second thoughts should one take up the mantle of re-evangelizing the same, for this generation of believers, innovators, change-makers, and entrepreneurs. With this spirit in mind and a solid bunch of innovation-hungry, prototype validated, revenue earning start-ups, Freeflow Venture Builders has organized the Flow Pitch, Fund Flow Summit, which will include 25 start-ups, 50 investors, and investments worth over Rs. 5 crores.

Within the flow pitch event, participants can look forward to meeting, engaging, and exploring the best talents of founders and start-ups from the east. Having nominations from over 30 different accelerators, incubators, and state nodal agencies, these ideas, and individuals represent the true capacity of innovation, impact, and indulgent enterprising in the form of ‘soonicorn-ish’ start-ups. With an incentive of a minimum of 5 crores to be put to the table as the investment, the summit intends to give start-ups the best chance to achieve financial independence in executing, scaling, and extrapolating their ideas to the zenith of achievements.

The shortlisting for the top 25 was completed by 15th February 2021 followed by diligence document acquisition from 17th to 19th February 2021 and the final pitch on  20th February 2021. The event will be followed by the issue of term sheets (on interest-driven portfolios) from 20th to 23rd February 2021 along with the timeline of the diligence fortnight from 19th Feb to 2nd March 2021. The expected investment hits are scheduled for the 2nd week of March 2021.

The Flow Pitch, fundraising event has already received 1287 nominations and applications. This event will be graced with 53 investors from India, Middle East, USA, and Singapore who would be joining the event either physically or virtually.

This is one of the many start-up events that Freeflow Venture Builders organizes in order to give the right platform to deserving start-ups in the country. “Flow Pitch, would be the largest platform in East India for the start-up eco-system to raise funds and pitch their ideas,” said Suraj Juneja, Founding Partner and Chief Ideator at Freeflow.

“The event has garnered a huge response with over 1000 applications and goes to show that we have a huge talent pool and potential in the East in terms of start-ups and business ideas, all they need is the right platform and that’s what we have created,” said Aaquib Hussain, Founding Partner and Chief Integrator at Freeflow.

Seats can be booked at: https://allevents.in/bhubaneswar/flow-pitch-the-fund-flow-summit-of-the-east/200020666922008

Click the link below for more details: https://www.linkedin.com/events/flowpitch-thefundflowsummitofth6763794302175916032