9th June  2020: During the COVID 19 era when companies have curbed their expansion plans, OxyGarden Private Limited has signed an exclusive partnership with Francorp (Franchise India Group) to expand OxyGarden and increase its reach in 50 selected cities across the country. OxyGarden is the first company to bring the concept of Air Sanitizers to India. Their unique offering includes a product which can clean the air and convert polluted Carbon Dioxide into fresh Oxygen (700 litres in a day).

Francorp has entered the partnership as a franchise partner.  It will be a consultant that will help structure Oxygarden’s franchise model and help attract investors to partner with OxyGarden. Through this partnership, OxyGarden will leverage the extensive reach enjoyed by  Francorp.

On the signing of the new partnership, Mr Abhishek Gupta, Founder – OxyGarden Private Limited; “We are excited to partner with Francorp, and we feel confident about our partnership as it will help us expand to multiple geographies in India in a very short period.”