Namit is a champion juggler in life. He found time for everything. Be it his love for cricket, his commitments towards his relationship he gave his 100% in all. During the dying moments of the World Cup Final when Trent Boult stepped on the ropes and dropped the World Cup for New Zealand, the battery of Namit’s phone died in the most emphatic fashion dropping his hopes of watching the thrilling final over live and doing disaster management in his relationship. Even his Ninja technique of finding the charger ASAP didn’t help much.

Mind you Namit was using a phone which is famous (notorious) for its battery backup. The advertisers of this brand say that you can complete the Everest base camp trek, come back to the starting point and even then the battery will be sufficient enough to guide you to Antarctica! Jokes aside, we all know that battery backup and charging speeds have been a major cause for concern with smartphones in the past decade. Users of some major players complain that they last longer on bed than their smartphones do after 100% charge! A phone that’s not just 1+7=8 but also highly efficient in terms of the dynamic needs of a modern day consumer is the need of the hour.

Now all we can do is hope for a FUTURE that we wish to live in and as a wise person once said – Hope is a good thing! Samsung has heard us with its all new smartphone in its Galaxy series – Samsung Galaxy S11! Following Samsung’s pedagogy of making path-breaking innovations a reality for end consumers, S11 brings the wireless charging feature along with a solution to problems of all Mankind ( Of Namit’s kind ) – A charging speed faster than the speed of light! A fully charged phone in 5 mins will no longer be a long-distance dream.

Coupled with this revolutionary technology are the ever so astonishing design characteristics of a high-end Samsung phone. A beautiful curved display and colours that will make this smartphone in your hand look nothing short of Optical Melody from a distance! So what are you waiting for? Aren’t you all excited to hold THE FUTURE in your hands?! Stay tuned right here for more updates on this product.