● In the coming summer season, GoliSoda is aiming to clock sales of 12000 bottles per day through its 10 new outlets opening tomorrow and more to be added in the next few months.
● The company also signed up with close to 90 restaurants to serve a limited range of beverages.

Hyderabad, India, 28th March 2018: Hyderabad based Startup ‘GoliSoda’, today announced the launch of 10 ethnic natural beverages under the brand name ‘GoliSoda’. The proprietary, preservative free, ethnic thirst quenchers with seasonal local produce will be available in major drive-ins and in 90 restaurants in Hyderabad including online delivery platform, Swiggy. The company also announced the launch of 10 new outlets that will begin operations immediately.

'GoliSoda’ unveils 10 natural thirst quenching ethnic beverages fuelled by strong pre-launch sales; announces the launch of 10 new outlets in Hyderabad

Making the announcement Ravi Teja Jallepalli, Founder, GoliSoda said, “Over the past one year, we have been working on our research and development as well as piloting the natural thirst quencher beverages online with Swiggy, in few of drive-ins and in some restaurants before we brought it to the market.

We did a soft launch on Swiggy and less than a month, we were on the top five best sellers in the F&B segment in Hyderabad having our name at par with leading brands in terms of the number of orders. Customer reviews put us on the top of the charts at 4.6 out of 5”, added Ravi – A Chartered Accountant and Economics degree holder from LSE.

‘GoliSoda’ started piloting the product to introduce the most sought-after native thirst quenchers Coconut water, Sugarcane juice, Badam milk, Rose milk, Fruit milk, Arabian style pulpy grape juice, Nannari sherbet, Spiced buttermilk, Watermelon juice and Paanakam. Our USP – No preservatives, absolutely fresh and ethnic. The results and customer adoption has been overwhelming that led to the consolidation of ‘GoliSoda’ brand and expanding into new local beverage categories. The 300 ml coconut water bottle is priced at Rs.60/- whereas the enriched milk range is priced at Rs.65/- per unit.

“We are committed to expanding our footprint in major cities, that will help us drive forward our vision to be a leader in local beverage categories to help us give greater impetus to innovate, thereby unlocking the potential,” Ravi added. After the consolidation of our market in Hyderabad, we will launch our products in Bangalore followed by Chennai.

Currently, we sell 2000 bottles in Hyderabad each day. This summer, we aim to clock sales of 12000 bottles per day, targeting all age groups that are willing to try something new and tasteful. The first step for ‘GoliSoda’ is to surprise them with native drinks that they don’t have access to on an everyday basis says, Krishna, Co-founder ‘GoliSoda’, an MBA Grad, who is responsible for the R&D and mixology team.


The self-funded company is cash positive and has the resources to fuel its expansion in the city. We will grow organically. Partnerships will be another route for us to grow and we are happy to have inked deals with Swiggy, drive-ins, and restaurants to energize our sales.

So, what is the potential for growth? In percentage terms (year on year), Ravi says, “We clocked a 1cr revenue first year during the product testing itself, we are looking at a 15x growth this year. We foresee a big potential in the B2B segment and we are working towards consolidating our penetration in this segment.”

While the Rs 22,000-crore soft drinks category has been grappling with low-single-digit growth for close to two years now, with consumers switching to healthier, localized beverages, market estimates the unorganized market for ethnic beverages in India is around $200 million to $250 million, while the organized market is barely 1%.