At the S-27, 2nd Floor EDM Mall, Ghaziabad on 12 September 2019, GoodEase Retail Pvt. Ltd. introduced another showroom. The showroom showcases all its special product categories like gifting, home decor, kitchenware, office stationery, accessories for leather, latest electronics and mobile accessories.

GoodEase is the fastest coming network of world’s products produced by over 30 experienced specialists. GoodEase captures procedures with strong global ties and coordinated efforts with the nations, thereby making it possible to serve universally aggressive customers. GoodEase is now concentrating on Indian towns and cities of tier 1 and tier 2.

At the launch of the showroom, Sanjay Mendiratta, the CEO GoodEase said “We’re really excited to launch another store. For our whole team, it’s a big day. I look forward to 50 such stores in North & West India by 31 March 2020 incl. I’m excited about the vision. Stores of FOFO / FOCO and COCO. We are a step towards a revolution in globally produced unique gifts and products for the otherwise deprived middle class of India, forced to buy imitations and bad quality.”

GoodEase sells a diverse range of products, goodies, gift and utility unique products, high-tech and innovative products, accessories and more. Prevalent quality, world-class style, most economical prices, mind-boggling planning and artfulness in GoodEase products make them one of a kind level.

GoodEase's mission is to become a Unicorn by the end of 2020–2021

GoodEase expects to spread across Indian and international regions through multiple mechanisms of promotion, such as diversifying, distributing and retailing, both online and offline. The objective is to become a Unicorn by the end of 2020–2021.