Mumbai, March | 7th March 2020: Growel’s 1O1 Mall, Suburban Mumbai’s favourite Family destination, in an endeavour to provide a safe environment for employees, staff and customers has taken quick precautionary steps for preventing Coronavirus infection. Apart from the standard hygiene practices of Staff wearing Hand Gloves, cleaning and sanitization schedules & formal trainings on Hygiene and Standard Practices, the mall has taken these additional measures.

Growel’s 1o1 Mall Takes Precautionary Measures for Coronavirus
  • Hand sanitizers provided at Key touch points in customer & back areas of the Mall (Information desk, Security frisking check points, Service yards (Material inward/outward areas, baggage counter, etc).
  • 3 layer face mask provided at all key touch points at Security, Parking, Housekeeping, Horticulture and to the facility staff.
  • Communication Standees are placed across key touch points about precautionary measures around corona virus.
  • Each brand / food and beverage store / kiosk / restaurants within the mall has been briefed about do`s and don’ts as per guidelines circulated by WHO.
  • Increase in frequency of cleaning sanitizing all such areas where customers usually touch e.g. escalator railings, glasses, taps, elevators inside / outside doors etc.
  • Senior staff of outsourced agencies for Housekeeping, Parking, Security and facility have been advised to brief there team frequently on site w.r.t to do`s and don’ts.
  • The Mall is also in the process of getting thermal cameras with high temperature accuracy that can detect the elevated body temperatures.
  • A Special training session in batches specific to special hygiene and sanitation practices especially while handling food and Point of Sale machines, etc.

Sachin Dhanawade, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Retail & Real Estate, Grauer & Weil (India) Limited, which operates Growel’s 1O1 Mall said, “It is in our continuous endeavour to provide a safe place for shopping & entertainment for our customers and safe place to work for our employees and staff. We have always maintained top most hygiene practices in the mall, however as a special case we are taking extra precautionary measures considering the threat of Coronavirus.”

Growel’s 101 Mall is committed to playing an active role towards the betterment of the society and surroundings they operate in. Over the years, Growel’s 101 Mall has taken many social initiatives like donating anti-pollution masks to Mumbai Traffic Police, engaging customers to support Solar Lamp donation to the tribal residents of the SGNP, and also beautification of the flyover wall overlooking the mall entrance gates.