Home décor is the new emerging niche. In this era, everyone wants to be in a well – furnished cozy house. With every passing decade, the standard of living is going up. Along with, higher living standards, people crave a comfortable, well- furnished house. You must have heard that a house is turned into a home when a women lives in it. Similarly, a house is turned into home only when it is well furnished.

In this context, Shriram Timber (SRT) has immerged as a milestone millennial business. Shriram Timber is a meteoric successful furniture exporter and parent company of online furniture store INMARWAR.com, and myShriram.com.

Based in Rajasthan, this company has gone a long way and is now a leading name in the furniture world. Shriram Jangir, the founder CEO and president of Shriram Timber Hast Kala Udyog.

The Brand INMARWAR.com has founded by his brother Shri Krishna Jangir, He started INMARWAR on 18 Aug 2020. Inmarwar is an exceptional attempt to provide customers with top class brand design’s that makes your house look elegant with world class designs and furniture.

Father and Sons (Left Shriram Jangir – Right Shri Krishna Jangir and Middle Babulal Jangir)

Shriram Timber (SRT) was originally started by Babulal Jangir. In 2001, Mr. Babulal started with a small factory, few employees and only one Israel buyer. This man is a firm believer of leading by example. Following his father’s morals, Shriram Jangir took over the company in 2018 and come up with new modified ideas which suited this decade. Although, Mr. Babulal still takes keen interest in the functioning of the company.  He closely observes every aspect of operation. Mr. Shriram mentioned that he looks up to his father for further knowledge and during tricky times.  He mentioned that the company aims to build a more proficient name in furniture, retail, export and e- commerce industry. With the help of his hard work and constant efforts, he has made Shriram Timber (SRT) a proficient name. Shriram Timber is the best choice among the customer’s because of high quality and standard process applied at every aspect of product quality and world class designs of furniture.  This company offers products ranging from solid wood, iron, stone, and marble furniture instance, dining room, living room, bedroom, outdoor furniture and many more.

Today market is all about capturing people’s imagination and a successful seller is the one who can imagine and deliver products by thinking from a customer’s prospective. This company has seen many ups and downs and is a great example of living by adjusting to changes. A completely follower of Krishna and the Bhagwad Geeta, Shriram believes that one should be flexible to changes and one must adopt better, modified, innovative ways in order to grow and be successful.  This reflects in the products, their qualities and the constant effort to make them a better experience for their customers. Shriram Timber has been an exemplary instance of this thought.

When asked about the first landing success, he mentions that it wasn’t a dramatic deal or a leaping rise, but his success was a result of consistency. The professionalism and innovative ideas together made him what he is today the CEO of Millions of Dollar turnover company. Well, 770 Million (INR) turned over is a huge success especially at such a young age. This is motivational for the youth in our country as well as all round the globe.

This young entrepreneur mentions that like every other person, he too has his fears and foibles, but as time and experience grew he managed to handle them gracefully. Initially, everyone has a little nervousness when entering the business regime, and coming from a small town offered its added disadvantages. But, Shriram mentions that following the guidelines of Bhagwad Geeta and with the blessings of Lord Krishna, he managed to handle all the perks and valleys which came across .Today, the company is a renowned company in the world marketplace. Today, Shriram group has grown into a company of over 500 + employees and other est. 250 + skilled artisans. These artisans have been highly creative all the way down the lineage.  This company has 3 factories which work with 100+ specialized machineries to deliver the best luxury furniture in the most contemporary form. Now, the company has been a synonym for technological innovations and design, along with sustainability and durability.

The CEO tells that he is glad that he hasn’t encountered any major failure yet, but he stresses the fact that the company must continue to involve and simultaneously evolve in all aspects of business. He also suggests that employees should be taken care of properly as they are the one who work for striving customer needs. 

The company has a turned over of 770 million INR.  It has more than 20 biggest wholesale and retail clients of US and Canada. Shriram has the top importers from America and Canada.  Shriram Timber Hast Kala Udyog is in the list of India’s top 50 furniture exporters out of est. 1700 furniture exporters. Company products are priced between INR 199 to 2, 00,000 and est. $10 -$1000 in the export markets.

Shrirammentions that the Indians companies in the same niche are not competition but fellow. The real competition is from the foreign market; especially the Chinese companies and they differentiate with their super strong quality and solid wood.

Shriram is coming with a new project in the next 6 months. We strive to be better and more innovative so that our customers continue to experience top quality, world class facilities. Along with, he is working on many other side projects including his e-commerce company, myShriram.com which aims to help helpless animals and birds, opened in Nov 2020, this company has a long way to go.

Mr. Jangir advises his fellow entrepreneurs to go out of their comfort zone, and that nothing is impossible.  This young entrepreneur suggests that one should never forget why he started his business? ‘Why’ in itself is a driving force. He can’t stress more than being spiritual is the way to go.