Name Change is a personal decision. However, individuals change their name for various reasons. Some just prefer a modern name, and some an ethnic. But the most common taker for the name change procedure is none other than married women. Many women all around the world make a conscious decision to alter their surnames after they get married. Making them the biggest contributors for Name Change.

And of course, we have actors and actresses who have screen and stage names. For instance, there is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia who is an A-lister of Bollywood. But wondering who that is? His screen name is Akshay Kumar and no one would recognise him by his original name otherwise. So the list goes on. Now, let’s put the spotlight on you. Say you are a troubled parent who is second-guessing your name choice for your child. Or just a young adult who feels you need a cooler name. Then how do you go about the Name Change procedure in India?

Name Change Procedure in India explained in simple terms:

Step 1: The journey begins with you
Now that you have decided to go through the due process for changing your name, the first step would be to zero in on a new name.

Step 2: Creation of Name Change Affidavit
The second phase would be to create a Name Change affidavit which typically requires the help of a lawyer. This affidavit needs to be printed on a stamp paper. Some of the must-have details of this Affidavit are

  • Your old or current name and the new name.
  • Followed by your reason for the change of name. It could be marriage, astrology etc.
  • Also, make sure your address is also on the affidavit.
  • Now, this affidavit needs the signature of two witnesses and a gazetted officer accompanied by their stamp to be deemed valid.

Step 3: Get Paparazzi ready
Now that your affidavit is ready, this will be the right time to flash your intention to begin this new journey as an advertisement on any national newspaper. This step is absolutely essential, well, of course, apart from making you feel like you finally landed your name on a newspaper.

Step 4: Get Gazetted
Now, it’s time to get yourself Gazetted. This is done once your Name Change application has been registered, which can be deemed as the first or the initial phase of the Name Change Procedure. Here typically, your name needs to get published. Once it does, you will have to take a copy of it with the details of the Gazette page. Now, ensure this happens on a National Gazette.

With that, you are now officially beginning a new journey with a new name. So, before we sign off, here is a checklist of all the documents you need for a Name Change procedure in India.

Name Change Document Checklist

  • The Name Change affidavit printed on a stamp paper. Make sure the minimum value is Rs.10 and not anything lesser.
  • You will be needing two photographs which are of passport sizes
  • Xerox copies of valid Identification proof such as PAN card, driving license, passport or Aadhar.
  • A soft copy of the application which is filled and saved in a .docx format on a CD
  • A letter that states the content of the application in both the soft and hard copy is true to your knowledge.
  • Your registration fee to the authority along with the request letter.