iDEX Grant Fuels Velmenni’s Li-Fi Innovation for Indian Defence Communication

Velmenni's Li-Fi Receives MoD’s iDEX Grant to Bolster Defence Sector

New Delhi, 3rd July 2024: Velmenni, a leading innovator in light communication solutions, has been awarded a prestigious grant from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) under the iDEX initiative. This grant aims to enhance secure wireless communication for the Indian Defence sector, particularly the Navy, by addressing the complex communication challenges of modern warfare.

The iDEX program is designed to foster innovation within the Indian defence sector by integrating advanced technologies such as Velmenni’s Li-Fi. This initiative aligns with national efforts like Make in India, Startup India, and the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). The grant underscores Li-Fi’s significant potential to overcome communication hurdles in the Navy’s demanding environments.

“The iDEX Grant is a testament to the potential of our Li-Fi technology,” said Deepak Solanki, Founder and CEO of Velmenni. “With this support, we are set to revolutionize wireless communication, ensuring secure and efficient data transmission using light. Our commitment to this groundbreaking technology highlights our dedication to innovation. We envision a future where light-based communication transforms global data transmission, empowering industries worldwide and fostering a connected and efficient future.”

Velmenni’s Li-Fi technology offers superior security and efficient performance, making it ideally suited for the real-time communication needs of the Indian Navy. This strategic intervention positions Velmenni as a leader in light communication technology, with the potential to usher in a new era of data transmission for the Navy and other defence applications.