New Delhi, Delhi, India | 29th February 2020: An international class exhibition dedicated to the air conditioning industry was recently held at IEML, Greater Noida. The exhibition called ACREX organized by ISHRAE is now identified as India’s exhibition on HVAC&R and has evolved to become the largest in South Asia. At the exhibition there was participation from the USA, Germany, Europe, Turkey, Korea and many more countries. The organiser, ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers), hosts the exhibition annually while rotating between three cities.

During the event, high powered conferences and workshops were held wherein domain experts disseminated knowledge on product, technology, engineering and services in the industry. The idea of ACREX organized by ISHRAE `was to consistently promote best practices prevalent in the industry with attention to energy conservation, efficiency and environmental protection.

In this edition of ACREX, emphasis was on Government of India’s “India Cooling Action Plan” and on improving air quality. In this regard, the theme of the ACREX was ISHRAE “Shuddh Vaayu, Deergh Aayu” – which beautifully captured the link between a pollution free environment and an enhanced life span for the citizens of the country.

Vikram Murthy, President of ISHRAE said, “In addition to bringing together more than 300 exhibitors, ACREX 2020 also put together a string of workshops and technical seminars that further enhanced the knowledge base for the visitors on the innovations in HVAC&R industry. All participants had access to high quality workshops and seminars on topics that are related to the current trends and practices of the HVAC&R industry.”

The Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), was founded in 1981 at New Delhi by a group of eminent HVAC&R professionals. ISHRAE today has more than 28,000 HVAC&R professionals and Student-members. ISHRAE operates from 43 Chapters and sub Chapters spread all over India, with HQ in Delhi. It is led by a team of elected officers, who are members of the Society, working on a voluntary basis, and collectively called the Board of Governors.