Inflection Point Ventures Invests INR 2 Crores in Pumpumpum: Revolutionizing Fintech Mobility

Tarun Lawadia, CEO & Founder and Sameer Kalra, CGO & Co-Founder, Pumpumpum - L to R
Tarun Lawadia, CEO & Founder and Sameer Kalra, CGO & Co-Founder, Pumpumpum - L to R
  • Pumpumpum distinguishes itself as India’s leading provider of pre-owned car leasing solutions, offering high-quality vehicles to corporate clients and individuals alike.
  • Pumpumpum is revolutionizing car ownership among millennials through its innovative IoT-enabled smart car subscription service.
  • The investment will be strategically deployed to drive holistic growth initiatives across all aspects of the organization.
  • Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) has injected more than INR 650 Cr into over 200 deals, cementing its position as a prominent investor in the startup ecosystem.

Gurugram, 14th March 2024 – Inflection Point Ventures (IPV) has announced a significant investment of INR 2 Crores in Pumpumpum, a pioneering Fintech mobility startup. The infusion of funds is earmarked for enhancing operational capabilities, expanding geographical presence, driving technological innovations, amplifying marketing initiatives, and fortifying overall organizational development. This strategic move aims to propel Pumpumpum towards greater visibility and sustained success in the competitive landscape of mobility solutions.

Established in 2018 by Tarun Lawadia, Founder & CEO, and Sameer Kalra, Co-Founder & CGO, both distinguished ex-IITians and seasoned leasing professionals, Pumpumpum is committed to providing affordable and flexible mobility solutions. Harnessing their collective expertise from diverse sectors, Tarun and Sameer spearhead Pumpumpum’s strategic growth trajectory and operational excellence.

Vinay Bansal, Co-Founder of Inflection Point Ventures, emphasizes the immense potential of India’s burgeoning transportation market, stating, “With the increasing demand for transportation in India, especially among urban households, the concept of leasing pre-owned cars presents a significant opportunity. Pumpumpum, as a category creator and leader in the pre-owned car leasing market, is poised for remarkable success.”

Tarun Lawadia echoes this sentiment, highlighting Pumpumpum’s unwavering commitment to redefining auto leasing. He asserts, “IPV’s continued investment in Pumpumpum underscores our shared vision of democratizing car leasing and expanding mobility options for all segments of society. We are dedicated to making car leasing accessible, convenient, and cost-effective, while leveraging Pumpumpum’s unique value proposition to set new industry benchmarks.”

Pumpumpum’s distinctive position in the Fintech mobility sector stems from its innovative B2B2C & B2C pre-owned car leasing model. Departing from traditional ownership and new car leasing models, Pumpumpum offers a subscription-based platform prioritizing consumer convenience, flexibility, and affordability. Leveraging technology and data analytics, the company delivers personalized and seamless experiences, setting industry standards for accessibility and convenience.

Operating nationwide, Pumpumpum covers all regions of India, strategically positioning itself to tap into the substantial $6 billion Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) for pre-owned car leasing. The company’s commitment to nationwide coverage aligns with its goal of providing innovative and convenient leasing solutions to a diverse customer base, cementing its status as a key player in India’s automotive market.

Pumpumpum’s exceptional contributions have been recognized with prestigious awards, including the ET Now Leaders of Tomorrow in the Fintech category, Most Innovative Fintech Product of the Year, Emerging Company of the Year at the World BFSI Congress, and ET Accent Business Leads of the Year. Additionally, Pumpumpum was honored as the “Best Emerging Auto Leasing Company of the Year” at the Iconic Platinum Awards, reaffirming its position as an industry leader in Fintech mobility.