Interweave Consulting’s annual conference ‘Inclusion Now’ in Bengaluru on 2nd & 3rd February

(L-R): Sarika Pradhan- CGI - VP - APAC and HR; Nirmala Menon- Founder - Interweave Consulting; & Anirban Nandi - Rakuten - VP - AI - Products and Business.
(L-R): Sarika Pradhan- CGI - VP - APAC and HR; Nirmala Menon- Founder - Interweave Consulting; & Anirban Nandi - Rakuten - VP - AI - Products and Business.

Bengaluru, 24th January 2023: Interweave Consulting, a leading provider of inclusion solutions in India, announced the theme and agenda for their annual conference ‘Inclusion Now’. The event, which will take place on 2nd and 3rd February 2023 at the Taj, MG Road, Bengaluru, will focus on the theme of “Towards a Fluid Future”. The two-day conference will aim to promote the importance of fluidity in business organizations to foster inclusion and create an inclusive, sustainable, safe, and open ecosystem.

The conference agenda includes four expert classes on the first day and a conference on the second day, where DEI practitioners, HR leaders, senior line managers, and DEI influencers will participate in thought-provoking and knowledge-building conversations. The conference is expected to host a full house of 250 participants.

Commenting on this, Founder & CEO of Interweave Nirmala Menon said,” The idea behind #InclusionNow- Towards a Fluid Future came directly from the insights and experiences of our work and those of our clients that the future of work is increasingly to be built on a fluid platform of constant and complex disruptions. The old order cannot serve this scenario and we need to reimagine our organisational policies, programs, and cultures in a constantly evolving work and marketplace.

How must organisations deal with the emerging realities of the fluidity of gender, sexuality, flexible workplaces, and career aspirations? And, the constantly changing expectations of psychological safety and care that employees demand in a fast-evolving world of technological advancements that are both simultaneously including and excluding groups of people as it progresses!”   

Business leaders, veterans, experts, and top voices from the industry will grace the event as speakers and will share their experiences and deep understanding on a range of topics related to fluidity and inclusion both from a social and organisational context.“Of course, none of these have easy answers” said Ms. Menon. “This two-day event is our effort to bring business leaders, experts, influencers, and change-makers on a single platform to focus attention, accelerate engagement and build urgency to drive meaningful impact for an inclusive and sustainable future for ALL”

“We are excited that our keynote speaker is TM Krishna. As someone who has used his privilege, voice, and energy to build a more inclusive eco-system, we are privileged to have his presence amongst us at the conference,” she added.