Laptop Radiation: All you need to know about the potential danger and associated risks

Laptop Radiation - All you need to know about the potential danger and associated risks

Can you imagine your life without your laptop? Well, 90% of the world’s population would say ‘No’. Laptops are the key productive devices used by students, professionals, homemakers and even by kids for entertainment. But at the same time, they are also one of the most significant sources of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) radiation which are declared toxic by World Health organization.

Laptop Radiation - All you need to know about the potential danger and associated risks

Like all wireless devices connected to WiFi, laptops use radio frequency (RF) energy. In May 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a body of World Health Organization has stated that radiofrequency are “possibly carcinogenic to humans”.

Among all the electronic devices and gadgets like desktops, microwave ovens, Laptops are one of the highest sources of EMF as their underside releases high frequency EMF radiations. Laptops are kept in direct contact with our lap. It undersides emit 40- 100 milliGauss EMF which is 40X to 100X higher than the standard limit of EMF exposure. The EMF exposure on a limited part of the body makes it more hazardous. Take into consideration, that the EMF under a high tension power line which is statistically proven to increase the number of Leukemia cases, is in the range of 10-70 milliGauss. However the underside of the laptop can emit as high as 100 milliGauss radiation – the older the laptop, the higher the EMF.

To reduce the impact of radiation exposure on our body, the Federal Communication Commission (a scientific legislative body of the US government) has recommended maintaining a minimum distance of 20 cm between the laptop and user. The proximity of laptop to human body while in use causes harmful impact on fertility, sleep, body tissues, etc.

Using a laptop on the lap concentrates EMF radiation on the lower abdominal area which is especially harmful for the reproductive organs in both males and females. According to the study conducted by the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai 2010, close to 27.5 million couples are diagnosed with infertility every year and this number is increasing due to long hours or incorrect usage of laptop. High EMF is empirically proven to cause lower sperm counts and/or more inactive and less mobile sperms, leading to infertility. However, in females, the laptop usage is harmful for the development of the fetus that can be seen post- birth of the child.

The age of technology and computing is on and everybody has to match the pace. Nobody can avoid or stop using laptops but it is recommended to take adequate measures that can make your laptop usage safer. Even a few small steps can be helpful in reducing the impact of laptop radiation on our body and mind. To begin with, one should always keep the laptop on a desk or a surface away from their lap. Therefore, always keep in mind to create a space between your lap and the laptop for EMF to disperse. This reduces the impact of EMF drastically.

A step which can be highly beneficial in reducing the impact of EMF radiation is Laptop EMF Radiation and Heat Shields. These are targeted for minimizing the harmful exposure of EMF radiation on body. The use of radiation shields while working on our laptops ensures safety from EMF which might cause serious damage to our body tissues and organs. Many people consider Laptop radiation shields as a helmet which is mandatory while riding a bike, similarly, these shields are necessary while working on the laptop.

Many experts and doctors also recommend disconnecting the internet on laptop when it is not required as laptop emits lower level of radiation than when it’s connected. Even while streaming videos laptop emits high level of radiation, so make sure your laptop is not on your lap when watching movies or any video.

An article by Mr. Manas Ganguly, Founder & Executive Director, Brightsandz