LIVEASY – Living Together is Life


Bengaluru, Karnataka, India | 28th January 2020: Despite the mushrooming of co-living spaces in the country, the shortage of quality affordable spaces is glaringly evident. This being one of the biggest reasons, Liveasy foray into Co-living industry is aimed at making living easy for people. Liveasy believes that by providing quality accommodation can help an individual work to his fullest potential. After a day’s hard work the last thing any individual would want is to worry about comfort at home. With high quality of service through Liveasy’s in-house support staff at all Liveasy facilities you can be assured of trouble free accommodation 24X7. 

Liveasy provides a ‘plug and play’ kind of accommodation and all you need to do is to walk in with your personal belongings. Liveasy makes the process of moving in completely hassle free by offering fully managed, ready to move in homes.

Co-living is a concept which helps people from different backgrounds and cultures come together and interact with each other building some long lasting friendships. By knowing people gain an understanding of each other and develop respect, which will help live in harmony thus helping build an ideal society.

Liveasy addresses various issues associated with finding right accommodation namely, quality of space, maintenance, right company, affordable price and more. Each of Liveasy facility is tastefully designed and furnished providing right kind of privacy while giving enough opportunity to socialize.

Liveasy’s mission is to provide affordable quality accommodation where living can be a breeze with fun and learning. Aiming to constantly improve and enrich living experience. Liveasy makes after office hours fun to be at and an experience one would actually look forward to.

There is no life without co-existence. Liveasy believes everyone has Right to live easy, to have fun, to learn, to co live and to live in harmony. Liveasy make efforts to ensure you get it all.

Living in harmony with one another brings inner tranquility. Liveasy passionately believe in it and hence look at this biz as an opportunity to create friendships, know each other and foster long lasting bonds. 

There would be no society if living together depended upon understanding each other – Eric Hoffer

The beauty of the society is its ability to live at peace despite the diversity. Liveasy believes they don’t have to understand each other but learn to respect and love each other. Liveasy creates an environment where living can be fun, learning, inspiring and entertaining. At each of Liveasy facility they create programs designed for everyone irrespective of their age, culture and interests.