REIN games

New Delhi, December 13th, 2019: Rein Games Pvt Ltd. India’s only hack-proof, uninterrupted, real-money skill-based gaming start-up, raised Rs. 5 crores in a seed round led by Dr. Ranjan Pai’s MEMG family office and Titan Capital, besides few HNIs. Rein Games will utilize the funds to streamline product development, acquire more users and strengthening its team. All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) pegs online, real money, skill-based gaming in India at Rs. 2000 crore which is expected to grow 3.5x by 2025.

Manipal Group’s Ranjan Pai & Titan Capital, lead seed round in REIN games

Commenting on his investment, Dr. Ranjan Pai, Managing Director, MEMG (Manipal Education and Medical Group) said,”Being an avid gamer myself, know first-hand that the market for real money, skill-based gaming in India is poised for a big take-off. Vaibhav and his team know the space well and are razor focused on becoming the undisputed leader in this segment.”

Expressing his delight at the known names who led the seed round, Vaibhav Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Rein Games, said, “As real-money gaming takes off in India, we believe the users will increasingly seek depth and value a high quality game experience.

They will also seek more genuine games which allow their skills to win and not ones where hacks and other short cuts help win. We will thus focus on building one game at a time and innovate around that and become a leader in that before moving onto the next game and so forth. The validation and confidence exposed by Dr. Ranjan Pai is a huge booster and am immensely thankful to him and our other seed investors.”