Mavenir’s Virtualized Radio Access Network (vRAN) Bags ‘Best RAN Technology’ Award for the Second Year at 5G Asia in a Row

Bringing Open Interfaces on Open Radio Hardware to Redefine Mobile Operators' Network Economics at New Delhi, Delhi, India

Maryvonne Tubb - Vice President, Marketing, Mavenir
Maryvonne Tubb - Vice President, Marketing, Mavenir

Singapore | New Delhi, Delhi, India: For the second year, Mavenir‘s Virtualized Radio Access Network (VRN), which brings open interfaces on open radio hardware to Redesign Mobile Operators ‘ Network Economy in New Delhi. In the same row, it has won the Best RAN Technology’ for the second year. Mavenir is a leader in speeding up the conversion of software networks and redefining the economy of mobile communications service providers (CSPs) and has been awarded Best RAN Technology for a second year in a row for its innovative virtualized RAN (vRAN) solution. Mavenir’s vRAN technology with open radio hardware interfaces provides flexibility to support various 4G/5G configurations applied.

Unlike traditional network equipment providers, the virtualized, open RAN technology of Mavenir breaks up the vendor lock scenario, as the open RAN totally transforms the modern industry’s dynamics and economies, where expenses remain high if a carrier is locked into legacy hardware.

M Zukunft’s strategy is fundamentally different from traditional proprietary methods. Cloud-based virtualisation of base band processing with a wide portfolio of virtualized VNFs is extended to the top of the network. VRAN provides greater business agility with network elasticity, flexibility and dynamic RAN optimisation. Centralisation, by the hierarchical mobility, SON, CoMP, centered scheduling, policy enforcement and interfere control, enables dynamic RAN adaptation. Mavenir’s vBBU also aims to support several border splits simultaneously–making the vRAN solution a perfect choice for a vendor-agnostic and future-proof CSP.

Maryvonne Tubb - Vice President, Marketing, Mavenir
Maryvonne Tubb – Vice President, Marketing, Mavenir

“Those who are using vRAN’s cloud architecture will profit most of their reduced TCO,” said Mavenir President and CEO Pardeep Kohli. The efficiency and profitability that a virtualized network brings to their organizations are becoming increasingly understood by large and small providers of CxOs.

Mavoir provides the only end-to-end cloud-based networking provider in this industry with 4 G and 5 G portfolios including vRAN, vEPC/5 G Core, vIMS, RCS business messaging, security and other critical solutions.

On 11 September in Singapore the TechXLR8 5 G Asia Awards have been announced.