New Delhi, Delhi, India | 3rd April 2020: COVID-19 has not only left a lasting impact on the hospitality & travel and tourism industry globally, but it has impacted the lives of individuals & businesses associated with it. Over the last few weeks, as the lockdown progressively came into effect and despite low occupancy and associated costs, Mountainia Developers & Hospitality and OYO supported travellers who were stranded due to travel and movement restrictions, while following prescribed guidelines for the health and safety of guests and employees alike.

With the last of the guests departing, the 3 premium to mid-market hotels in Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Chandigarh were temporarily closed for business for the period of the nationwide lockdown. During this period, OYO & Mountainia Developers & Hospitality continue to be responsible for their staff, making complete pay-outs to all 300+ employees.

Incidentally, 25% of the 300+ workforce in these properties hail from far-off/outstation locations. These passionate hospitality service executives were left stranded as they were staying as PGs and in temporary accommodations where there was uncertainty around both their safety and food supplies. During these unprecedented times, Mountainia Developers & Hospitality, in partnership with OYO Hotels & Homes that manages these hotels, took the onus to house their stranded workforce across these three properties, giving them a safe, hygienic environment to stay in during the lockdown with essentials and food supplies in order.

Commenting on the initiative, Amit Jain, COO Mountainia Developers & Hospitality, added, “We are committed to ensuring the continued health and safety of our most important stakeholders i.e., our employees. In a bid to help our on-ground staff stranded by the lockdown, we at Mountainia have initiated an accommodation solution for them. We thank OYO for their support in this joint endeavour. Demonstrating their dedication to each other’s well-being, our property General Managers & Head of Departments are also staying back at the three hotels to ensure food supplies, adequate safeguards, social distancing norms, etc. are maintained. It is in times like these, that we come together as a community and support each other.”

Together, this passionate bunch of people are teaching each of us important lessons during the lockdown of dividing their chores, cooking healthy meals, exercising to stay fit, maintaining high levels of hygiene and social distancing while keeping each other motivated.