New Delhi, 3rd September 2019: Ayurveda, the ancient discipline of science and healthcare, is an efficient and one of the world’s most sustainable healthcare systems. But the greatest challenge encountered by Ayurveda is the absence of knowledge sharing and documentation of evidence-based treatment arising in the loss of valuable information and confidence.

NirogStreet launches the NirogStreet Vaidya Tool in India to boost the growth of Ayurveda healthcare

NirogStreet, India’s first technology enabled Ayurveda platform to make Ayurveda mainstream with the power of integrated technology, brings genuine and trustworthy Ayurvedic healthcare to pace with modern healthcare needs. For Ayurvedic practitioners and clinics and hospitals, NirogStreet has introduced a specialized SaaS-based software “NirogStreet Vaidya Tool.”

There was no technology accessible to Indian Ayurveda Doctors until recent times that could help them solve the daily issues they encounter in practice. But now the software NirogStreet Vaidya Tool allows Ayurveda professionals to generate and handle patient documents, patient follow-up, prescription medicine, bills, and inventory and medicine stock management, etc.

NirogStreet Vaidya Tool will also serve as a powerful knowledge pool for Ayurvedic doctors as it also offers access to 250 + disease treatment protocol, detailed diet & lifestyle changes, Prakruti Parikshana, Suvarna Prashan records. Patient investigation records can also be kept with the software. More than 100 senior and renowned Ayurvedic practitioners in India shared their experiences and expertise in developing this software for the first time in India.

NirogStreet will assist all Ayurvedic practitioners throughout the nation with Vaidya Tool. By facilitating their practice, hospitals, and clinic technology, this will empower more than 5.5 lacs Ayurveda specialists in the nation. Enabling the ecosystem of Ayurveda treatment can bring it to fresh levels and help to share with the world the advantages of Ayurveda healthcare.

Mr. Ram N. Kumar, Founder & CEO, NirogStreet
Mr. Ram N. Kumar, Founder & CEO, NirogStreet

Speaking of presenting Mr. Ram N Kumar, Founder, NirogStreet said, “Our vision is to create Ayurveda the first treatment call not only in India but worldwide. With Vaidya Tool, the avatar that the 21st century knows, acknowledges and is comfortable to use has been given to Ayurveda healthcare. Enabling technology will open possibilities for recording, preserving and structuring Ayurveda’s precious information, enabling understanding sharing among professionals, encouraging evidence-based genuine Ayurvedic treatment, and building ecosystem ability. We genuinely think that by allowing technology in Ayurveda, India can lead the global health care system revolution.

NirogStreet works closely with the Ayurvedic society of doctors, organizations and policy makers to promote Ayurvedic research and cooperation with contemporary medical technology to make this ancient science of treatment more result-oriented and trusted. Spiral Ventures, supported by NirogStreet, has aggressive plans to certify 5,000 Ayurvedic doctors and clinics by FY 2020. NirogStreet seeks not only to raise awareness and make efficient Ayurvedic treatment available to everyone, but also to tackle the problem of false Ayurvedic medicines and defective Ayurvedic treatment given by quacks on the market.

The firm intends to partner with over 100 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers and renowned brands in the next two years to provide patients with the highest quality medicines. It has effectively allowed more than 40,000 + Ayurvedic doctors to embrace evidence-based treatment in Ayurveda using its NirogStreet mobile application for Ayurveda doctor. Around 8,000 doctors in the nation order Ayurvedic medicines from their e-commerce platform. This technology-driven SaaS tools and platform offers worldwide access to genuine Ayurvedic doctors with a focus on implementing best practices and delivering quality Ayurvedic healthcare. Subho Ray (President, Internet and Mobile Association of India) and Samir Kumar (Director at Deutsche Bank, Singapore) have invested in the development of NirogStreet to realize the brighter future and potential of Spiral Ventures (Japanese venture fund).