New Delhi | 24th April 2020: As the world is coping with the outbreak of COVID-19, one must not forget those without a voice. All around the world pets improve and add value to our lives. They keep us company, protect homes and give unconditional love. To create awareness on the importance of pets and spread happiness, Do Your Thng (DYT), a creator-first community launched #PetProject, a digital campaign aimed at helping pet owners to have better moods especially when everyone is staying inside their homes.

#PetProject is a way of making your loving pet a ‘Star’ on Instagram.  In the on-going campaign, the influencers/creators are to click pictures of their pet and post it on Instagram using the DYT filter. Because everyone is inside their homes, there is a huge number of creators participating in the campaign with their pets. This is also a way of engaging with the users on a continuous basis.

“The idea of #PetProject campaign was conceptualised due to social distancing; where pets have become our major source of love and enrichment. This campaign is an effort towards spreading happiness and togetherness, which a pet lover can show on social media,” says Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do Your Thng.

“We have received an overwhelming response for #PetProject. More users are connecting with us through the campaign,” says Ankit.

“In the times when social distancing is essential, pets are the ones who can be with us all the time and give us a feeling of togetherness. #PetProject emphasises on the unconditional love and delight a pet brings to one’s life”, says Prarthna, an influencer

#PetProject was rolled out on April 20 in partnership with Instagram influencers who have pets, and it has garnered a lot of traction amongst netizens.