4th May 2020: Brookfield Properties has been at the forefront of actions taken and  preparations for the good health & well-being of its employees & occupiers as they rejoin their favorite workplace. Starting from the preventive maintenance of all its campuses to mitigating measures, the company is taking every step to ensure 100% safety across all its commercial assets in India including Candor TechSpace in Gurgaon, Noida & Kolkata; as well as for Powai Business District and Equinox Business Parks in Mumbai.

The organization has tactfully categorized its measures into Preventive Maintenance, Ongoing Measures, Personal Hygiene, Physical Distancing norms and awareness communication. While preventive maintenance includes continuous disinfection of all common areas such as staircases, basements, lobbies, food court & back of house areas among others, It’s continuous measures include thermal scanning & sanitization at the entrance, medically certified staff manning all the work, periodic monitoring of air quality in the campuses. The organisation has also made it mandatory for all employees to wear masks as per Local/WHO/MOHFW guidelines, and is also making the utmost use of effective sanitizers, especially in the common areas.

All business parks of Brookfield Properties have also minimized the number of individuals to 4 at a time for using elevators, while encouraging people to use stairs more often. The business parks have also prohibited congregations in the campuses, including smoking zones and other common areas. In the food court, facilities of minimal packed meals are available on request. In addition to this, there is an emergency response team ready for immediate action while ambulances are well stocked with first aid and disinfection kits at the campuses. For Brookfield Properties, wellness of the employees & occupiers has always been at the centre of its operation, and with these efforts, the company is best prepared for a smooth transition to normal work life balance.

The company has been doing continuous communication about Do’s & Don’ts for the past one month and has now also placed several informative posters & signage at all key areas of display. To encourage the norms of physical distancing, Brookfield Properties is making  its own employees sit at a distance of minimum 6 feet at the workplace, and ensured it follows government guidelines of only 33% attendance. The company has also taken most of its operations online – be it e-training, e-invoice processing or online payments.