Bangalore, September 05, 2019: ProPhysio, a new age start-up company setting high standards in physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities, raised an undisclosed amount of funding from the NestaVera Group of companies, a multi-sector investment company. To further accelerate its growth and create new products and services, the company will use this investment. It will also investigate AI-driven solutions technology to address various health problems and reach out to a bigger customer demographic at the clinic and extended home care at multiple locations across India.

Bangalore-based ProPhysio, established in 2016, enables patients with the recent developments in physiotherapy treatments with their physiotherapy requirements, both at home and at company-owned clinics. ProPhysio’s team of committed and specialist physiotherapist brings years of knowledge, global expertise, and in-depth physiotherapy and rehabilitation research. The company has already been linked to various hospitals in Bangalore where physiotherapy services are provided. With their custom-made solutions, ProPhysio has helped more than 3000 patients achieve better health and lifestyle in a brief period of time. By 2023, the goal is to cater for 1 million patients.

Speaking of the investment, Manas Mehrotra, NestaVera Group’s Managing Director, said, “Healthcare today should go beyond treating the symptoms, what we enjoyed about ProPhysio is that the key team believes in robust technology-based holistic healing. The brand ProPhysio has developed a strong trust and credibility positioning and we are happy to support them and play a small role in their trip. We think that there are huge prospective lifestyle-focused health solutions; we want our investments to go beyond investment in capital and also to have a positive effect on society.

Pramod Ravindra, Cofounder, ProPhysio said “Physiotherapy is far beyond” fitness or exercise. “It’s about how you can use exercise and technology to remain healthy and” be the best versions of yourself. “At the moment we see that the majority of people who come to us are those who need medical intervention. We want to bring this to another paradigm where we are health coaches and not just advisors who guide an individual’s health journey, whether it’s a person recovering from a disease or an athlete who needs that edge to perform at their optimal levels or a regular person who wishes to lead a good life.

Bangalore based ProPhysio has raised Series A funding from NestaVera Group of Companies

“We aim to provide the most effective and efficient healthcare services at affordable prices so that the best quality of healthcare can be accessed by everyone. We have a transformative health and wellness plan and use the capital investment to grow across the nation with flagship centers and create wearables for intelligence health, “Ravindra added.

Physiotherapy is a evolving healthcare industry and is anticipated to expand by 12% in 2015-2020 at CARG. It has potential far beyond recovery from injury and recovery from pre-post operation. The rehabilitation technology category is evolving and space for more is available. Another domain and a way forward in this path is to personalize health care.