Bangalore, Karnataka, India | 12th June 2020: QNET, one of Asia’s leading direct selling companies, launched the new premium porcelain tableware range – “ORITSU” in India, in partnership with leading porcelain manufacturer Dankotuwa, Sri Lanka. ORITSU represents elegant craftsmanship with intricate designs that are infused with gold and platinum patterns. This range of premium porcelain has a unique high whiteness and transparent glaze finish which differentiates it from other products in the international markets.


ORITSU is positioned as a superlative choice for a timeless dining experience, reflecting an opulent lifestyle and an ideal gifting choice for any season.
This range of world-class tableware is made from the finest of raw materials, designed by European designers, is free of lead, cadmium, and bone ash. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Sri Lanka, the upscale porcelain has a hard chip surface and is scratch resistant. More information on the product designs and ORITSU brand is available on the QNET – India site Categorised by individual artistry, ORITSU stays ahead of the competition by producing exquisite designs in classic and contemporary styles with vibrant colours and superior quality.
ORITSU is certified for its excellence in Design, Manufacturing and Selling of Porcelain Tableware by The Sri Lanka Standards Institution. 
ORITSU’s elegant array of premium porcelain tableware includes:
ORITSU Glitz: A 30-piece premium dinner set with delicate design of tiny gold leaves in 24 karat gold for a simplistic and stunning effect. 
MRP: INR 62,900
ORITSU Euphoria: A 71-piece premium dinner and tea set with an impeccable design of 24 karat gold highlighted by a rich royal blue texture.
MRP: INR 1,74,600
ORITSU Blossom: A 30-piece premium dinner set with a stylish royal 24 karat gold exquisite design, rich pigment colours and attractive floral patterns.
MRP: INR 62,900
ORITSU Grandeur: A 71-piece premium dinner and tea set that defines glamour in the most stylish way with its geometric 24 karat gold lines.
MRP: INR 1,74,600
ORITSU Mosaic: A 47-piece premium dinner and tea set with delightful combination of vibrant pigment colours, which exudes a bright and charming appeal.
MRP: INR 89,990
ORITSU Sultan Crown: A set of 54-piece premium dinner and tea set for a royal dining experience with an exquisite design rich in colours and crafted with 24 karat gold infusions.
MRP: INR 1,13,450
ORITSU Mystique: A 54-piece premium porcelain tableware with an elaborate design in 24 karat gold in pastel palette has a mystical touch.
MRP: INR1,13,450
ORITSU Platina: A 47-piece premium dinner and tea set is highlighted with pure platinum line infusions, like sea waves for a minimalistic appeal.
MRP: INR 89,900
ORITSU Rhaya Red: A 71-piece premium dinner and tea set, is an example of elegance and true craftsmanship with a burst of regal touch crafted in pure platinum and rich red hue.
MRP: INR 1,69,900