RISE 1.0 by IIEC, online education initiative leading towards digital revolution and social empowerment with technology has been launched by Jaipur based Indian innovation & entrepreneur community. The campaign is launched under the mentorship of Educationist and technology genius Mr. Vimal Daga, IIEC.  

RISE 1.0 campaign launched by Indian Innovation & Entrepreneur community

This online education initiative is free of cost for students and youth, in addition to youth in large no from Jaipur and Rajasthan, engineering collages from pan Indian have joined this movement which leads towards educating students who have limited resources of education and are considered below the average. Initiative provides opportunities and concourse to unleash the brilliance in technology and learn from the best in the field. The campaign will also serve as a platform to do networking between students, teachers, and startups and provide knowledge and insight into the field. Education will be imparted online with Live sessions, video presentations, Live chat between students and educators, sharing recorded videos and data. Engineering students from any part of country can enroll for the program free of cost. 

This remains another educational initiative of IIEC after Jazbaa, which promoted the digital revolution and entrepreneurship.

Recently under the guidance of Mr. Vimal Daga projects like  Women safety, Kids suffering from Autism, Eliminating hunger and poverty, helping blind people to lead a smooth life, containing incidents of thefts, improving agricultural yield, reducing traffic congestion from healthcare to environmental sustainability and many pressing issues were addressed with technological inventions created by youth.