Roller Coaster Challenge is an enormous global opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs (WE) to bring new technologies and solutions to cities and help solve major challenges in any sectors. Unfortunately, there are issues that get into the way of Women Entrepreneur (WE) in meeting and engaging with key mentors, and get a guidance for road map ahead in order to gain traction or any kind of issues for initiating or scaling up.

Roller Coster Challenge 2019

CWE’s mission is to promote entrepreneurial drive in meeting the overall agenda of women empowerment as well. We are launching a campaign of Women Entrepreneurs – Roller Coaster Challenge, which will help them to overcome their challenges and lead their business to a success.This is a Yearlong, Virtual series-1, Global India Campaign. The objective is to create Success stories of Women Entrepreneurs. This challenge will help Women Entrepreneur (WE) to pitch, engage and receive feedback from Mentors and as well as investors and thought leaders in this space.


  • This Challenge is open to all Women Founders, Women led businesses, Women Co Founders and even Women who have ideas and aspire to be Women Entrepreneurs.
  • This is for the Women Entrepreneurs who are facing challenges in their businesses.
  • The challenge can be of Marketing, Branding, Team, Technology, Go to Market, Generating Sales, Expansion, Lead Generation, Funding , validation of idea etc.
Roller Coaster Challenge for Women Entrepreneurs - An Yearlong Virtual Series-1 & Global India Campaign by CWEHub


  • Ideation
  • Early Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Scale up Stage

Event flow:

  • Stage 1 – Registration
  • Stage 2 – Mentoring
  • Stage 3 – Pitching
  • Stage 4 – Cohorts for Incubation & Acceleration

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