New Delhi | 24th July 2020: Secureye, a leading security products brand has launched Body Temperature Smart Screening Camera. Recently launched smart camera will enable corporates to promote a secure work environment for employees. It is an innovative solution that comes with other important functions such as screening, recording and real-time surveillance video capturing. 

Body Temperature Smart Screening Camera

With the waning impact of COVID-19, the corporate sector is focusing on resuming business-as-(new) normal with support from futuristic security and surveillance devices. Measuring body temperature and employee verification with a “no-contact” procedure is the need of the hour. Secureye’s Body Temperature Smart Screening Camera goes beyond these features to offer a holistic security solution. It also comes with a pre-warning and voice communication feature. The device measures body temperature in 0.5 seconds and from within 1-meter distance and 30 degrees of camera. In case the subject is not traceable by the device, it issues a voice alert to make the necessary adjustment. Also, on detecting unusual temperature, its built-in alarm system triggers the siren to blow. 

The notable features of Body Temperature Smart Screening Camera include built-in network transmission module, remote monitoring, remote transmission of temperature measurement results, and push abnormal body temperature information. The device comes with a built-in battery which lasts up to 8 hours on complete charging.

Mr. Manish Agarwal, Director, Secureye said “Safety and security has taken centre stage for everyone due to COVID-19 and therefore a wise investment to equip workplace with the right security solutions is a critical step. Secureye’s Body Temperature Smart Screening Camera has been developed keeping in mind the aspects that can impact office operations and is a complete protection solution.”

The product costs INR 69000 +Taxes