Atharva Dolas is an inspiring dancer who aims to fulfill his passion for dancing. He is a self made ballroom dance aficionado who did not have access to a trainer or expert coaching classes. He also lacked resources to learn and practice ballroom dancing since the concept of this dance form is comparatively alien to India. Initially he tried taking lessons from various dance classes but rather than getting help he found it to be a distraction.

Self Made Dancer Turns to Crowdfunding to Represent India Internationally

His passion for dance was bigger than the hurdles on his way. He became his own tutor and took Youtube lessons. He had to be his own manager, trainer, PR person and financier. He crossed all the obstacles and participated in competitions and championships came his way.

Now he has been selected to represent India in Latin and Dancepsort form. DanceSport Federation, Russia has offered him the “DanceSport Visa” to learn advanced Latin dance. DanceSport Visa will help him tailor his skills and correct his posture and movements, thus enabling him to have a better understanding of different techniques and dynamics involved in all the latin dances.

The only thing that stands as a hurdle between him and this golden chance is money. The cost for this entire endeavor is INR 12 Lakhs including food and accommodating. Finding no other way, he started a fundraiser for him on The funds will ensure that Atharva is able to pursue his dream and follow his passion.