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India, February 2020: Bangalore-based Datasigns Technologies Private Limited provides holistic health and wellness program for employees of its partner companies through its online lending platform Shubh Loans. With partnerships in 40 Indian cities, Shubh Loans has already been providing personal loans to employees in the sector through its unique physical (Physical + Digital)l distribution model.

Companies that are partnered with Shubh Loans under the Shubh Saathi program have exclusive access to a range of products for their employees to improve their overall wellbeing .

Under the Shubh Saathi program, employees are eligible to apply for personal loans in the range of Rs.3,500 to 5 lacs with their minimum take home salary at Rs.9,000.

The program also has offerings customized for this segment such as insurance products including complimentary personal accident insurance and free doctor’s consultation on phone for the entire family, Shubh Savings account and investment options such as Mutual Funds; all coming under a single application the platform of Shubh Loans.

The program is beneficial to corporations in a number of ways. From improving employees’ productivity to lowering absenteeism/turnover to the conservation of working capital, organizations can leverage Shubh Saathi to create a happy work environment.

Monish Anand, Founder & CEO, Shubh Loans
Monish Anand, Founder & CEO, Shubh Loans

Addressing the various facets of employees’ well-being is the key to an organization’s efficiency. This partnership is an important step in that direction. Shubh Loans has identified the gap in the market to create products helping Indian households uplift their financial situation.

Speaking about Shubh Loans’ Shubh Saathi program, Monish Anand, Founder & CEO, Shubh Loans says: “We have been doing our bit by providing access to credit to employees of over 1000 medium and large corporates who have partnered with us. Shubh Saathi program is a natural progression; this is a customized program which offers 360 degrees financial well being from credit to savings coupled with financial literacy. We have positioned this as a corporate employees benefit program and we continue to add more companies and industry associations through our wide distribution network across India.”