23 April 2019, Mumbai: SleepyCat, India’s first mattress-in-a-box company is proud to announce crossing the milestone of selling 10,000 mattress-in-a-box.

SleepyCat Sells Over 10,000 Mattress-in-a-box

SleepyCat was started by Kabir Siddiq in 2017 as a way to simplify the process of buying a mattress. The company launched on Amazon LaunchPad with one single product in August 2017 and sold their entire stock in less than a week. SleepyCat launched formally in November 2017 to rave reviews across India.

SleepyCat’s mattress comes compressed, rolled, and shipped directly from the factory to your doorstep in a box that is easy to handle. This format helps reduce the mattress cost by nearly 75%. The product gained popularity with the urban Indians – the people moving to new cities or establishing a home for the first time.

The company launched its second product, SleepyCat Plus, in response to a demand for a more luxurious, premium mattress. The mattresses are based on extensive research on Indians’ sleeping patterns and requirements.

In a recent survey conducted by SleepyCat on ‘Sleep Habits of Indians’, the company found that over majority of Indians currently use Coir & Foam Mattresses and about 46% of them wake up with pain in the lower back and 36% with pain in shoulders or neck.

Kabir Siddiq, Founder, SleepyCat, commented on the achievement, “We are excited to have hit this milestone of selling over 10,000 mattresses in 2019. Small milestones like these inspire us further to help India sleep better by providing an honest, luxurious and affordable product. We had also promised to give back to the society by donating mattresses to those in need. The SleepyCat community has grown multifold since our inception, and with their help, we are able to keep up this promise. This is just the beginning and we hope to continue to serve our customers and provide them with a great product and experience.”

With this milestone, SleepyCat intends to fulfil its commitment to society, by donating mattresses to people in need. The company has thus far donated over 200 mattresses, in association with Robinhood Army and Hope Kolkata Foundation.