Stratbeans empowering Educational Institutions to revolutionize learning in the time of COVID-19

The company aims to digitally transform the education system with a range of collaborative features beyond video conferencing


New Delhi | 26th May 2020: Stratbeans, a company that drives digital transformation through AI-based online learning is empowering education institutions with its advanced solutions such Knowledge Management System (KMS), Learning Management System (LMS) and Articulate 360. The company is closely working with the institutions including schools and colleges to digitally transform in order to enhance and support the educational environment. Beyond video conferencing, the company is offering a suite of features such as video capturing, screen sharing, etc to improve educational experience with its advanced e-learning solutions.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, education institutions are betting big on technology to maintain continuity of education. In order to adapt to the changing ecosystem, the education sector has taken a giant leap forward in terms of online education. In a bid to minimize the adverse effect of the current crisis on education, the company has helped the educational institutions with its wide spectrum of solutions such as online learning and assessment platform at a zero-cost. Stratbeans unique offerings have not only helped the educational institutes to share information but also facilitate collaboration among learners in a contactless manner.

Commenting on the same Prasoon Nigam, CTO, Stratbeans said, “While schools and colleges around the world have been shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak, technology has played a vital role in enabling remote learning and helping in a rapid transition from offline to online. In a bid to provide effective digital learning solutions, we have designed a virtual learning strategy for educational institutions to facilitate, simplify and contextualize the entire learning process on one-stop-platform”

The student community can gain from more than 46 000 books, 7000 courses and 65000 videos in Stratbeans’ course library and enhance their IT, Business and Leadership skills and get the certification.  

Besides Education Institutions, over the last decade, Stratbeans has equipped over 150 enterprises with its learning management solutions (LMS) and has empowered them to manage their entire learning and the training process to perform better for their business growth.