Terapact Targets the Sales Mandate of Billion-dollar by 2021

Bangalore, September 17, 2019: Terapact, a leading new age strategic sales and marketing firm aims to touch sales mandate worth a billion dollars (7000 cr. approximately) for its customers by 2021. With over INR 4000 crores already mandated across Real Estate, FMCG, Technology, Aviation and Manufacturing sectors, Terapact is quickly becoming the preferred partner for companies to help sell faster, smarter and better.

Terapact collaborates with companies to help them solve problems around sales, customer engagement and loyalty. Terapact has pioneered a revolutionary way to drive revenues for customers using its Terapact Ecosystem – an out-of-the-box ecosystem of data, proprietary tools, services and customer bases. Terapact’s differentiated approach combines data, omnichannel strategy and execution to accelerate sales with precision and predictability.

Mr. Abhishek Jain, Joint Managing Director, Terapact stated “Our revenue acceleration solutions help clients tap new revenue opportunity streams, add rigour to existing efforts, expand to new markets in a reduced-risk model and leverage the power of the internet to drive revenue. Our clients, partner with us at different levels depending on their challenges and needs. We are all set to reach our target with the deployment of our unified customer model which is our key differentiator. Our investments are paying off and our technology has enabled us to achieve good operational scale within a relatively short period.”

Mr. Kiran John, Joint Managing Director of Terapact added “By working with the chairman’s office we’re taking a strategic view of the problem and helping mobilize the changes needed to accelerate sales, turnaround brands or execute a lean go-to-market. Our Agility Framework™, for instance, provides customers with a rapidly executable roadmap to think through what needs to be done, where to invest, how to make the right changes in their sales & marketing operations etc. without companies having to take out huge internal bandwidth and risking existing revenue streams.”

L to R - Abhishek Jain & Kiran John, Founders and Managing Directors at Terapact
L to R – Abhishek Jain & Kiran John, Founders and Managing Directors at Terapact

According to recent data, the Indian excess inventory market is estimated at US $30 billion across various sectors, primarily, FMCG, Consumer Tech, and light industrial goods. Recent reports also reveal that over 12.76 lakh houses are lying unsold in top 30 Indian cities. The piled-up inventory currently stands at 5 lakh passenger vehicles valued at $5 billion and 3million two-wheelers valued at $2.5 billion. Altogether, the opportunity could be north of $200 Billion. While these problems are plenty; discounting, offers and schemes may not be the way out of the crisis. Some initial boost in sales is expected, but in the long-term this impacts cash flows, and creates increased financial burden on an already stretched system.

Terapact is successfully bringing all the necessary capabilities (strategy, technology, creative, content, operations, call-center, channel management and analytics) cohesively together to deliver revenues for customers.

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